Student Groups on Campus!!

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New semester has started for three weeks! How's everything going so far? Can't believe that time goes so fast!! Have you thought about joining a student group on campus? There are many opportunities and choices for you!

Student Unions & Activities
The student groups on campus covered various and various topics. You will definitely find a group that fits one of your interests and get involved in the campus community! For example, we have groups for academic and education, culture and diversity, environment, fine arts, leadership, sports, music, political and social action, housing, or special interest, etc. You can find specific information of group description, officers' contact information, and how to get involved in this group on the website of each group.

And also, what if you can't find a group that serves your interest? You can just create one! Finding five students with you is all you need to get started! New group registration is easy and beneficial for you to experience.

Hope the information helps! And hope you could find your own interests over there!!

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