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Time flies! Getting close to graduate in May, I still cannot believe it has been almost two years since I came to the US and started my master program. As I am studying international development, I got chance to have access to resources at different schools and programs at the U, such as agriculture, education, applied economics and public policy. Many courses are great and impressive. However, today, I really want to recommend to you some ONE credit courses that you are not only earning credits, but having fun, learning about life skills and being healthy as well! I did not know those course are available to take when I was a first year student. Hope this can help you for your class registration!

I took several Karate courses last semester and I really enjoyed the class. Although I had to drop the class for schedule conflict, I highly recommend students taking this class. The professor has many years experience practicing and teaching Karate. Often in the class, we not only learn how to strengthen ourselves and concentrate our power, but learn about wisdom about life.

Where can we find these courses? Go to OneStop, Class Schedule, and you can begin to search courses of Physical Education. In the long list, you can also find many other course quite interesting! Some of my friends said they have taken swimming and bowling courses and they love it very much. I make a small summary list of courses offered by physical education for non-PE students. Please check it out if you want to take ant of them next semester, being healthy and having fun!

PE 1035 Karate
PE 1034 Judo
PE 1032 Badminton
PE 1029 Handball
PE 1012 Beginning Running
PE 1007 Beginning Swimming
PE 1004 Diving: Springboard
PE 1036 Racquetball
PE 1037 Squash Racquets
PE 1038 Beginning Tennis
PE 1044 Self-Defense
PE 1045 Rock Climbing
PE 1046 Tae Kwon Do
PE 1048 Bowling
PE 1053 Ice Skating
PE 1055 Golf
PE 1057 Beginning Skiing
PE 1058 Snowboarding

And basketball, soccer, volleyball, broomball and a whole lot other fun stuffs! I believe there are other fun courses of music, painting and even cooking offered by different schools at the U. You can check them out simply at onestop or going to different schools' websites. Let our more colorful by learning something out of our major and our field! I wish I have taken more of these courses at the U. If your journal is going to start and just begins at the University of Minnesota, lucky for you that there are many great fun activities to explore at here. Registration for the next semester is coming, are you considering to have some healthy, educational and fun courses now?

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