Fabulous Online Library Systems!!

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Hi all,

I couldn't love more about our "University Libraries" online system. There are a lot of things you could do here to fulfill your academic needs!

"Search for......."
You could just type in key words of the books, journals, articles and databases, videos, your registered courses reserve or so, which you would like to refer to. Then you would find either online access to these resources or asking for hard copies. For example, if you want to borrow a book from library, you don't have to go there and find it by yourself, you just need to search online and choose a nearest library location to pick it up. Library staff will find it for you and notify you via email when it's ready. YES, you can get access to all the available resources from every campus of UofM!!

"Interlibrary Loan"
Can't find what you want in our university? Don't worry, our library could get it for you from other libraries outside UofM systems if available. And, it's FREE!

"Workshops, Tutorials, and Guides"
Our libraries offer series of in-person workshops or recorded tutorials each semester to help you learn more about library services, and academic research strategies, for example, citation managers, literature review, reading scholarly articles, finding grants, etc.

"Ask a Librarian"
Still confused? Just "Ask Us"!! Any questions regarding library service or your own particular research, our wonderful librarians are just right there to help you! Email, phone, in-person appointments, or chatting online.......

Please check them out!! It'll make you academic journey easier! Good luck!!

All the best and Cheers!!

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