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No worries, everyone, that alligator is not real :)!
Moin, moin, my dear friends. My name is David Steinfeld and I am a 2nd year Master of Social Work student from Germany. During my undergraduate career I worked as a mentor for international students which was one of the best jobs I ever had. Hence, I am very excited to be the new graduate student ambassador leader and to have another opportunity that involves serving the interests of international students.

My overall time spent studying abroad in the U.S. encompasses a total of 6 years. I spent a high school exchange year in Wisconsin and enjoyed it so much that I decided to return to the Midwest for my college career. To this day, I have been very grateful for this decision as I have had some of the best years of my life here.

So, why did I choose the Twin Cities for graduate school? For one, the university has a very good ranking overall and its social work program has been deemed one of the best in the nation. But more so, the Twin Cities has been a drawing pool for international populations, thus making it a very diverse place with an international appeal. For example, I live close to Minneapolis' famous 'Eat Street' which features many restaurants with delicious food from all over the world. You can also find many ethnic grocery stores in the Twin Cities area. I was overcome with joy when I discovered that they sell German chocolate around here because let's face it, chocolate can be one of the best stress relievers in college. Last but not least, the people here are very polite and friendly which creates a welcoming and comforting environment for new international students.

Anyway, this is all from me for now, my dear friends. More blogs will come in the future. In the meantime, feel free to ask me any questions and I am happy to be of assistance. Take care and have a nice day.

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It is so nice to meet you all. [ :


Hey everyone, my name is Jia Liu. 刘佳. I am from a very beautiful seaside city Dalian, China. Dalian is located in the north eastern area of China, very close to Japan and South Korea. The city is very famous for its good temperature, living environment and delicious seafood. It is really a romantic city. I miss my hometown very much.


From this fall, I started my 1st year master degree of Industrial Engineering in the U. You might think that I am a new one here, but actually, I have been to the University of Minnesota for 3 years for my bachelor degree of mathematics. I love University of Minnesota, it is beautiful, lovely, humanizing and full of my college year memory.
In the years of studying abroad, I have learnt lots of knowledge except mathmatical's, and I become more positive and passion about life.
I love cooking food, eating gourmet, taking pictures, traveling, making friends, watching movies and collecting cute stuffs.
And this is me. I was holding squid-Ink spaghetti, one of my favorite Italian food!


Deciding to be an international student ambassador is no doubt a wonderful thing to me. I am a very energetic and active guy! I want to make life meaningful by helping others. At the same time, I will be very happy to share good stuff with you! If you have any questions about applying, studying, living, shopping, traveling, leave them bellow, feel free to answer you as soon as I can!!

Finally, I want to show you a picture of last winter in Minneapolis. It is funny, isn't it?


Howdy Ya'll!


Hey guys! You might be wondering who I am. My name is Arya Adiartha and I'm an International Student Ambassador at the U. I'm in my final year of doing my Master of Science in Sustainable Design at the Architecture program. So I'm originally from Bali, Indonesia. You might have heard about Bali for it's beautiful beaches, surfing, unique culture and... its crazy night life. Balinese culture is well known for its mystical dances, beautiful colors and exotic food that you cannot find anywhere else in the world. So if you are anywhere around South East Asia and plan on visiting Indonesia, I would recommend taking a trip to Bali and experience its unique culture.

I was born in Bali but I actually grew up in Australia. When I was in second grade my family moved to Sydney because my dad was doing his PhD at the University of New South Wales. We spent four years living there and that is where I learned my English and believe it or not I used to have an authentic Australian accent!

Becoming an International Student Ambassador at the U is a great opportunity for me to help out other students that are going through the same experience that I had a year ago. For me, helping out other people by sharing my personal experiences makes me feel like I have contributed something to humanity (weird, huh?). But most of all, meeting different people from different cultures is the most exciting part.

When I arrived in Minnesota I expected it to be like a snowy wasteland. But I arrived here during summer and it was totally the opposite. Summer here in Minnesota is awesome! Except for those regular weeks when the heat wave comes. The university itself was beautiful and really different from the university back in my home country. It feels easier here to be a student because there are lots of resources that help facilitate your studies. So for all you new international students coming in, don't be afraid and explore the university and hopefully you will find yourself loving our campus! Oh, and us International Student Ambassadors will always be there to help you out.


...and let the adventure begin!

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Hey, future Gophers! My name is Natalia Krasnobaieva, I am from sunny Crimea, that is in Ukraine. I am a second year Master's student in the College of Education and Human Development, Department of Organizational Leadership Development and Policy, at the University of Minnesota. I am getting my degree in Comparative and International Development Education. My main passions are youth development and education in Ukraine, although I pay a lot of my attention to creativity development, volunteering and theater activities.

I became an International Students Ambassador because I believe I can share my experience at the U of M (this is how we call the university out here) to encourage others from Europe to apply and join our "one big happy golden family," as Eric Kaler, our University of Minnesota's President once said.

So you might ask, what's "gopher"? Or why the "big happy family" is "golden"? And that's exactly what I asked myself when I first arrived on campus. I was actually surrounded by golden and maroon colors everywhere I went the first day. I've learned pretty quickly that misterious Gopher's name is Goldy and he is our university's mascot. And since he happened to be golden, the university's pride color is golden... hm, and maroon. Well, some people even wear something golden or maroon on Fridays to show the university pride. And this is how I got myself a new pair of pretty awesome yellow shoes ;)

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My name is Pearl Ometan, I am an international student from Nigeria and I'm in my 2nd year student in the Master of Public Health (MPH) program in the School of Public Health.

I love to hang out with friends and share my experiences especially with new international students like me, who may be anxious about settling into a whole new environment.

While trying to find out more about the University of Minnesota before my arrival, I did not realize that there were also numerous international students like me doing the same thing. But I can say that it's been both fun and challenging to actually settle into the system and I hope many other students can say the same.

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Greeting from Yi :)

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Hello everyone!!! My name is Yi. I came to the U.S. six years ago from Beijing, China. I firstly lived in California then I moved to Minnesota for college. Last spring, I finished my undergraduate studies at the U of M studying Sociology and German Studies. And now I am a first year sociology Ph.D student in the College of Liberal Arts. It is going to be my transition year from undergraduate to graduate student and I am very excited to share my life with you.

So I guess you might already have heard of how cold Minnesota can get in the winter, which might make you hesitate to come here. Actually, according to my past experiences in the past five years, the winter here is not as bad as what the thermometer reads:) With the convenient skyways and tunnel systems, you will survive Minnesota winter fine!


Who is Ángela Castro?


Hey there! I'm Ángela Castro, originally from Colombia, specifically from a vibrant city called Cali. It's always sunny and warm in my hometown and you'll always find a place to dance salsa and exquisite food such as ajiaco, arepas, buñuelos, cholado, my favorite lulo juice, and so forth. Please google it and you'll see what I'm talking about.

I'm in my second year of Grad School in Hispanic Literature. Along with the nervousness of ending succesfully my MA, the learning of the portuguese language has become in one of my biggest goals this year. I find it really challenging but also enjoyable since it is similar to Spanish (my native language). For example, the verb 'Go" is identical in both languages and I keep writing it in Spanish over and over again. However, portuguese is music to my ears!

I wanted to become an International Student Ambassador because it gives me the opportunity to help international students to get a better understanding of what the U of M is. It also gives me a chance to talk about the advantages of being in a different country, discuss diverse topics related to academic life and the value of our 'free time'. A good use of your free time is necessary in order to keep a balance in your student life and also to survive of the amount of responsibilities you get when you arrive at the U (I'll be talking deeply about this in another post).

When I first visited to the U of M I was impressed and shocked by how big it was and how much diversity I found among the students. Now I realize that this diversity is exceptional to create a unique atmosphere, where you learn a lot about culture and differences.

I'll be sharing information and tips that might help you as an international student. I hope you enjoy! Bienvenidos!

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