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Hey guys! You might be wondering who I am. My name is Arya Adiartha and I'm an International Student Ambassador at the U. I'm in my final year of doing my Master of Science in Sustainable Design at the Architecture program. So I'm originally from Bali, Indonesia. You might have heard about Bali for it's beautiful beaches, surfing, unique culture and... its crazy night life. Balinese culture is well known for its mystical dances, beautiful colors and exotic food that you cannot find anywhere else in the world. So if you are anywhere around South East Asia and plan on visiting Indonesia, I would recommend taking a trip to Bali and experience its unique culture.

I was born in Bali but I actually grew up in Australia. When I was in second grade my family moved to Sydney because my dad was doing his PhD at the University of New South Wales. We spent four years living there and that is where I learned my English and believe it or not I used to have an authentic Australian accent!

Becoming an International Student Ambassador at the U is a great opportunity for me to help out other students that are going through the same experience that I had a year ago. For me, helping out other people by sharing my personal experiences makes me feel like I have contributed something to humanity (weird, huh?). But most of all, meeting different people from different cultures is the most exciting part.

When I arrived in Minnesota I expected it to be like a snowy wasteland. But I arrived here during summer and it was totally the opposite. Summer here in Minnesota is awesome! Except for those regular weeks when the heat wave comes. The university itself was beautiful and really different from the university back in my home country. It feels easier here to be a student because there are lots of resources that help facilitate your studies. So for all you new international students coming in, don't be afraid and explore the university and hopefully you will find yourself loving our campus! Oh, and us International Student Ambassadors will always be there to help you out.



Very interesting post arya, we proud of you,thanks

Hello Putu! I reckon that you are from Bali? Hahaha... Thanks for reading our blogs. We would like to extend this blog to as many international readers as possible and hopefully we are doing a good job.

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