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Hey, future Gophers! My name is Natalia Krasnobaieva, I am from sunny Crimea, that is in Ukraine. I am a second year Master's student in the College of Education and Human Development, Department of Organizational Leadership Development and Policy, at the University of Minnesota. I am getting my degree in Comparative and International Development Education. My main passions are youth development and education in Ukraine, although I pay a lot of my attention to creativity development, volunteering and theater activities.

I became an International Students Ambassador because I believe I can share my experience at the U of M (this is how we call the university out here) to encourage others from Europe to apply and join our "one big happy golden family," as Eric Kaler, our University of Minnesota's President once said.

So you might ask, what's "gopher"? Or why the "big happy family" is "golden"? And that's exactly what I asked myself when I first arrived on campus. I was actually surrounded by golden and maroon colors everywhere I went the first day. I've learned pretty quickly that misterious Gopher's name is Goldy and he is our university's mascot. And since he happened to be golden, the university's pride color is golden... hm, and maroon. Well, some people even wear something golden or maroon on Fridays to show the university pride. And this is how I got myself a new pair of pretty awesome yellow shoes ;)

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