It is so nice to meet you all. [ :


Hey everyone, my name is Jia Liu. 刘佳. I am from a very beautiful seaside city Dalian, China. Dalian is located in the north eastern area of China, very close to Japan and South Korea. The city is very famous for its good temperature, living environment and delicious seafood. It is really a romantic city. I miss my hometown very much.


From this fall, I started my 1st year master degree of Industrial Engineering in the U. You might think that I am a new one here, but actually, I have been to the University of Minnesota for 3 years for my bachelor degree of mathematics. I love University of Minnesota, it is beautiful, lovely, humanizing and full of my college year memory.
In the years of studying abroad, I have learnt lots of knowledge except mathmatical's, and I become more positive and passion about life.
I love cooking food, eating gourmet, taking pictures, traveling, making friends, watching movies and collecting cute stuffs.
And this is me. I was holding squid-Ink spaghetti, one of my favorite Italian food!


Deciding to be an international student ambassador is no doubt a wonderful thing to me. I am a very energetic and active guy! I want to make life meaningful by helping others. At the same time, I will be very happy to share good stuff with you! If you have any questions about applying, studying, living, shopping, traveling, leave them bellow, feel free to answer you as soon as I can!!

Finally, I want to show you a picture of last winter in Minneapolis. It is funny, isn't it?



Great and nice city, very interesting images.

Thank You!!

我想申请明尼苏达大学的博士,能给个联系方式吗? 以便问你几个问题。

Hi Ning,
I am very sorry that I did not find notice your comment immediately but I am so happy to get your comments. My email is Or you could leave your questions here. I will reply you asap!!


You are my neighbor if you hope so, My name sesh and i from India, so you are my neighbor.....might be you heard about india!...i want ask some question regarding the research program going on in UM..i am master student doing master in defense technology..i interested in doing research work in aerospace engineering so tell something regarding this information...Hope will be good friends!!

If you give your mail so i would be great to write you in details!!


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