Who is Ángela Castro?


Hey there! I'm Ángela Castro, originally from Colombia, specifically from a vibrant city called Cali. It's always sunny and warm in my hometown and you'll always find a place to dance salsa and exquisite food such as ajiaco, arepas, buñuelos, cholado, my favorite lulo juice, and so forth. Please google it and you'll see what I'm talking about.

I'm in my second year of Grad School in Hispanic Literature. Along with the nervousness of ending succesfully my MA, the learning of the portuguese language has become in one of my biggest goals this year. I find it really challenging but also enjoyable since it is similar to Spanish (my native language). For example, the verb 'Go" is identical in both languages and I keep writing it in Spanish over and over again. However, portuguese is music to my ears!

I wanted to become an International Student Ambassador because it gives me the opportunity to help international students to get a better understanding of what the U of M is. It also gives me a chance to talk about the advantages of being in a different country, discuss diverse topics related to academic life and the value of our 'free time'. A good use of your free time is necessary in order to keep a balance in your student life and also to survive of the amount of responsibilities you get when you arrive at the U (I'll be talking deeply about this in another post).

When I first visited to the U of M I was impressed and shocked by how big it was and how much diversity I found among the students. Now I realize that this diversity is exceptional to create a unique atmosphere, where you learn a lot about culture and differences.

I'll be sharing information and tips that might help you as an international student. I hope you enjoy! Bienvenidos!

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Where do you think this photo was taken?


I am very proud for your victories, for your effort and persistence. I love you. Your dad

Awww! Te quiero mucho!

Hey Angela,

Hopefully you still remember me! It has been quite a while since we've been in contact. I was recently checking out the facebook page for your group and reading up on your recent activities. This is so great to see and I'm sure you'll be a great resource for all the international students who look for help getting started in U of M.

Best wishes from Canada,

Hey Daniel,
I remember you! Thank you for your good wishes. I hope you're doing great!

Hi Angela,

I am Omar from Venezuela. I am currently in the Twin Cities doing an English Course to take the TOELF test. I really want to do a Master Degree in the U of M so I would like to hear more about it and do step by step what I need to do in order to start studying in the u of M next year.

You can reach me either by my email address -omarchacin89@gmail.com or by my phone number 612-875-2215.

I look forward to hearing and meeting you soon.



Hi Angela,

This is Halah,

Currently, I am studying master in Curriculum and Instruction program at the University of Colorado. I will start my PhD in fall 2015 at the UMN.

Please do you know any a PhD student can I contact with him/her in this program because I have may questions?

Thank you so much,

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