Apples season in Minnesota

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You've probably heard from other Ambassadors there are lots of things to do in the Twins Cities (and by the way, that's how we call Minneapolis and St. Paul, in case you got confused). Besides parks, museums, theaters, movie theaters (and I will be talking more about that in my future posts), there are other exciting places to relax after a long week at school.

So, today I'll tell you about my apple picking adventures this weekend. As a part of my Fulbright experience I often participate in the different outings that Minnesota Fulbright Association Chapter organizes for the visiting Fulbrighters. This time we went to the Aamodt's apple farm, not far from one of the oldest cities in Minnesota, called Stillwater. I was so excited to be on the farm as it reminded me of home, and that was exactly what I needed in the beginning of a homesickness season.

So after I got my bag for the apples (you have to purchase one or two when you arrive) I went along the apple garden with my friends. Pretty soon we got mesmerized by the sight of all the colors, and tastes, and smells! I've never seen THAT many apples at once in my life! And the coolest part, I could pick any apple I want and eat as much as I want. At the end of the day I felt like I have apple juice running in my blood. There was also a little farm market where people buy all the apple related products and food. Besides my favorite apple chips (oh, you should try it at least once in your life!), I discovered there the whole new world of amazing pancake toppings. The Honey Butter now is going to be one of the foods I'll be missing the most from Minnesota.

The weekend in Stillwater was a lot of fun. I got my bag full of apples, my mind full of refreshment, and my heart full of joy. Now I'm looking forward to more weekends to come...


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Fun to hear about your experiences in the orchard, Nata! We miss the apple orchards in Minnesota! We'll have to find one near Kiev!

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