Experiencing a modern styled Japanese Izakaya


As an international student from Asia, I always have an "Asian stomach" and crave for good Asian food. Here in the twin cities area, we get plenty great Asian restaurants. It is sooooooo hard for me to pick a favorite to write about. So I decide to write the one that I go most often this semester:) which is Zen Box!

Zen Box is a very modern Japanese Izakaya(居酒屋).In Japanese, 居 means to stay, to live, 酒 means sake, liquor, and 屋 means shop,cover. Isakaya restaurants is like a combination of pub and kitchen. Hope this can give you a better understanding of what an Izakaya is. Zen Box has two locations in Minneapolis. The bigger one(yes, better menu and happy hour!) is located on 602 Washington Ave S., just a few blocks off U of M west bank campus.

Their dishes are deigned to be shared, think "Japanese Tapas" or "Japanese Dim Sum"! They are small plates to share. The price is very affordable and the eating experience is always fun. Besides the small dishes, Zen Box also offer great Donburi(a kind of rice bowl) and Japanese Ramen! Happy hours runs 4-6pm and after 9pm Monday through Friday. It is really worth going if you get time:)

2012-10-19 08.49.58 pm.png

As my final note, if you are above 21 years old, make sure you try their Chu Hai drinks. Chu Hai is an alcoholic drink that contains very low percentage of alcohol. Lychee flavored Chu Hai is the all time favorite drink of my friend Fannie and I!!! If you are still underage, you can ask the waiter to get you Lychee Soda, which is also really amazing:)


Yi! I love Izakaya, too :)
Lychee Soda sounds soooo good!

I love Japan >
I love Harajuku and Izakaya too :
Nice pics..
thanks for post >

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