Getting prepared for the winter of Minnesota

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Hey Bodies!! How are you recently? I guess most of you will say, not so bad, but why it became this cold suddenly!
Right, right, right! Winter has already come! It seems a little earlier, and very strong in this year. However, for us international students, if we want to survive well, we should know something for preparing!
1. Check the weather of next day before you sleep, never try to guess the temperature by yourself! Honestly, I tried before and I loose everytime!

2. Wear warm if you know you will spent some time out. How warm is a good a question, actually, it depends on the weather. When you see that it is going to be about 32 degree, (0 degree on celsius), wearing boots, heavy coat, scarf to go outside. When you see that it is going to be about 10 degree (-12 degree on celsius), except wearing those I have mentioned, wear hat and gloves! Never exposure your body without anything, or you will get hurt very soon. I guess the only part of your body without any cover will be your eyes!

3. Drink as much warm water as you can! I know, most of you get used to cold soda or coffee. But warm water will make you feel better when just get through a strong windy or snowy area. I think the most smart way is to bring a vacuum cup with you.

4. If you afraid that you will probably get cold, you could make an appointment at BOYTON to have a free flu vaccination, that is also a good way to prevent getting troubles of healthy.

5. I want to tell you a very interesting construction in our campus is the tunnel underground! During the winter, you could go underground to lots of buildings instead of facing cool air! Check the tunnel map on this link!

6. Finally, after talking about all the boring and essential parts of this topic, I want to reach the most interesting part, what you could do only in the winter?!
NBA will start soon, so you will have the opportunities to watch some real NBA stars and their wonderful performances.
Also, you could go skiing and skating....... So the next topic will be the activities you could do during the winter here!!!


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