No good to be hungry on campus...

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You know, the thought of writing about food makes me hungry. Seriously, feeling hungry is no good when you are trying to put your thoughts together for a brilliant midterm paper... or writing a blog :) Good thing, there are plenty of options on and around the U of M campuses.

You see, I am an East-banker (meaning I usually have my classes and hang out on the East Bank campus), and there are nice places to eat, snack, or have coffee on campus (Coffman Union, Walters library, Nolte Hall, etc.). Some Halls besides lunch options places have microwaves, where smart people hit up the launches they brought from home. Well. I'm not that smart yet, unfortunately, so here is what I do when the hunger tries to take over my brilliant study thoughts.
There is my favorite place on the 14th Ave SE, just a few min away from campus, called Walley's ( So if you are a fan of Mediterranean food, like me, eventually you'll find yourself eating Chicken Shawarma Salad at Wally's every other day. It's not only the taste which reminds me of the best Crimean-Tatar food I had back home, but also the big portions with the affordable price that make me happy each time I show up at Wally's. Although, sometimes I stay there, other times I take my food "to-go" and then hide in the couch of the Appleby's Hall basement to enjoy my salad in the quite while writing my paper.

Even though I spent in Minneapolis a little over a year, I still keep finding cute little places with delicious food. I love having new experiences with food. And it seems like Minneapolis is the greatest place for me to enjoy my experiments. Sometimes I feel like somebody has to come up with some sort of a research paper on how-the-delicious-food-influences-students'-performance-at-the-University-of-Minnesota. Seriously.

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