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Trash? Treasure! U of M links you to the world!

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Are you wondering what you can do in the vacation time while attending the University of Minnesota? You might want to travel back to your home country visiting families and friends that you are missing every day, you can find an internship anywhere in the U.S to gain professional experience, you can drive a car or jump on a train being a traveler on the road to explore more of America...Today I would like share about what I did last summer. I really want to say that U of M can provide us amazing experience that you might never expect before.

This summer, I went to Cairo with a group of five students studying the trash and recycling! We worked with a solid waste management company, Irtiqa, and NGOs working with garbage collectors in Cairo.Trash can be treasure if we sort and recycle them well! I really learned a lot from this opportunity.

We can produce new plastic bags from plastic garbage:


We can make new bricks from the construction waste:

We can turn organic waste into compost to plant food and flowers even in the desert:

We can even make a sidewalk from the trash:

After this experience, I deeply feel that everyone can make changes even in our daily routine life. Maybe we can start protecting our environment by reducing the waste, source sorting at home and etc. I gained professional and personal development from the summer experience, as well as explore to different cultures, wonderful people and beautiful landscapes in Egypt.

The Pyramids!


What I did in the summer is just one of many possibilities you might have in the U of M. The University has tons of interesting programs or opportunities that you can explore and get yourself involved in. Do not hesitate to talk to people, your classmates, professors and your adviser, or anyone that you meet, if you have an idea or you are interested in what other people are doing. You will find your life experience much much more colorful than you can imagine studying at the U. Good luck with that!

Crossroad & Transition at the University of Minnesota


Deciding to go to a graduate school certainly is a big decision of anyone's life. Besides getting yourself admitted to those schools, the city, where school is located, plays an important role for any decision. Why? Because you will have to live in the city or town, which is so far away from your home town. What would people do for fun after school? What is the weather like? .. etc.

Actually, if you are looking for more insight about the University of Minnesota, here I am! -- as a part of the International Student Ambassadors'11-12 -- will take turn with others to update our blogs to share you our experience, with different perspective and lots of stories. As a part of ISA team, I am really excited to share my view with everyone here!

banchinda.jpgOriginally from Bangkok the capital city of Thailand, my name is Banchinda Laothai, a second-year doctoral candidate of music performance majoring in Collaborative piano & Coaching at the School of Music at the University of Minnesota. This is actually my sixth year in the United States, previously pursued the master degree in the same area at the Cleveland Institute of Music; Cleveland, Ohio. By the end of the third year, I moved to the U of M. Now it becomes my second home; and the Twin cities --Minneapolis & St.Paul-- become my second hometown. In addition to music studying, I have an architectural background, previously earned the Bachelor degree in Architecture majoring in Interior Architecture from the Chulalongkorn University from my hometown; as well as practiced the design for a couple of years.

I was told that change in life happens for a reason. What reason? -- I guess we will eventually discover. Not only my career path has been altered, studying abroad is a huge change of my life. I have experienced uncountable new things; more than that, the new things I am talking about is also about myself.

How about you? Are you approaching a crossroad?; Any potential that Minneapolis could become your 'potential' places? Or are you currently in a transition to the U of M? Either way, please stay in touch and find out more what we are going to share!

And say hi to me if you see me around campus :)

See you soon!

Why U?

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I will not lie.When I told my dad I am joining University of Minnesota,he was a little apprehensive.I got admission offers from some other universities where I could have been closer to some family and the weather would have been less challenging.However my experience here has proven all his fears and some of my own wrong.I am glad I took the decision to join the campus of one of the biggest public research university,and I have been happy ever since.The campus is full of resources for graduate students both in terms of academics and life.The program allowed flexibility for choosing the minor and courses I wanted to take.The international student office offered many programs which allowed me to get more involved in campus life and make new friends.The city is beautiful and the people are nice.The best thing about Minnesota however is its weather..yes no kidding!I am from a part of the world where it is summer for the most part of the year,I experienced spring,fall and winter for the first time in my life and the experience was great.I was surprised to see how people enjoyed every season including winter.Indeed I am looking forward to the next winter because I want to enjoy the winter sports and festivals which I missed last year.Yes,just wear your winter gear,grab your hot chocolate and enjoy winter!:)
In the end I just have to say that I LOVE myU!!

Decision time or waiting time?


Hello everyone and happy Wednesday!!

It is almost the end of February. This month has been a busy one for me. I have written four quizzes, submitted four short papers, and gave a presentation all in the past five weeks of school. I am currently getting ready to submit a poster for presentation at a conference in Washington, DC early next week. It may be an anxious time for you too as you wait for the admission letter from the schools you applied to last fall or if you are lucky are deciding which school/program to go to (congratulation on your admission!), or you are still waiting. If I remember correctly this time last year I had received about three letters of admissions and I was waiting on others (I applied to 10 schools!)

So how I did I make the decision to attend the University of Minnesota?

Home away from home


Salam Blog readers,
Our blog topic this week is: "Culturally Diverse You." As you can imagine, this is a huge subject and I can talk forever about this, but I will try my best to keep this blog as short as I can :)

Minnesota =/= USA


(on the phone)

Mom: Oh my god, sweetie! Are you Okay?? I heard that there was a campus shooting in the United States!

Daughter: ......Yes, Mom, I'm fine. It was NOT in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Mom: Oh my god, sweetie! Are you still doing Okay?? I saw it on TV that there was an earthquake happened in the United States!

Daughter: ......Yes, Mom. You are right! But I'm still good, because that was NOT in Minneapolis, Minnesota, either.

Mom: Oh my goodness, sweetie! Are you still alive???! There was a tornado happened in the United States!!

Daughter: ......Yes, Mom. Of course, I'm still doing great! Okay, let's say, that was true as well! However, it just not happened here--NOT in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Why I <3 the U of M?


Salam everyone,
When I first thought about writing this blog, I wasn't sure how I was going to approach it, considering that I probably can't summarize ALL the reasons why I made that decision of coming to the University of Minnesota, but let me try to give this a shot anyways :P

Born with skis on my feet


Minnesota: The Land of 10 000 Lakes
Minneapolis: The safest city in the US
University of Minnesota: Driven to Discover

Why did I come here?

The million dollar question


Hi everyone! I am so excited to be back again on the blog. The past few weeks have been absolutely pleasant in the twin cities. The weather could not be better. In the mornings, the fresh cool breeze sweeps the leaves away into a little song, by the lunch hour, it's warmed up enough I find myself tossing away the light sweater I put on in the morning. I love the fall season:) However, the fall season is not the only reason I chose the University of Minnesota. Today I will try to answer the million dollar question, Why did I choose to attend the University of Minnesota?

Minnesota > New York ?


Hi readers!
The blog topic of this week is "why U of M?"

Umm.... being honest, I had wanted to study in New York but changed my mind.

Do you want to know why...?

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