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Electrical Engineering


What to say......very tough school, for very tough guys!

Electrical engineering is more than electrical circuits or electrical devices. It is Math, and COMPLETE understanding of how electronic devices works. We have many Math courses, because it is very important having a good Mathematical background in order to succeed with your studies.

Often, we share courses with students from other Engineering departments. The location of classes can be in a different department than yours. For example, you could attend classes at the new STSS building. This department is awesome!

If you will ever think to enroll to an Engineering School, my first recommendation is to come here at the University of Minnesota. The Engineering school is very good. My second recommendation is to study very hard since the beginning. It is always the best thing to do!

Find your VISA


After you have made the best decision of your life "enrolling at the University of Minnesota", the first thing you have to start thinking about is your VISA. In fact, United State is pretty strictly regarding alien's status. However, do not worry it is nothing too complicated!

Usually, students who enroll in a United States University have an F-1 or J-1 student visa.
Which one is more suited for you depend from the reason you are coming to the university. You can find many other cases looking directly at our International Student & Scholar Service website.

At the ISSS office there are many super nice and extra good experts of students visa who are waiting to help you!

UofM because...


Why Did I choose the University of Minnesota??!

Well, the main reason at the beginning was because...



Ciao! (The Italian translation for "Hi!")

My name is Guido, and I am from Italy. I am a graduate student in Electrical Engineering, and this is my second year at the University of Minnesota. Studying and working hard at school are my priorities, however I like to have fun and going out when I have time.

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