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Good Luck and All the Best!!

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Hey there,

I can't believe that I just posted my last scheduled blog just now.......It's been a wonderful year to share my thoughts and university life here with you guys. Not sure if you found the information shared useful or not, I really appreciate to have these opportunities to talk with you here. Hopefully they would help to some extent, ^^!!
I indeed hope that I could have contributed more as an international ambassador for our program and for the prospecitve international students. Please let me know if you have any questions, I would be more than happy to share my experiences!!
Hope everything you pursue will be going great!!

Good luck!! All the Best!!

Fabulous Online Library Systems!!

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Hi all,

I couldn't love more about our "University Libraries" online system. There are a lot of things you could do here to fulfill your academic needs!

"Search for......."
You could just type in key words of the books, journals, articles and databases, videos, your registered courses reserve or so, which you would like to refer to. Then you would find either online access to these resources or asking for hard copies. For example, if you want to borrow a book from library, you don't have to go there and find it by yourself, you just need to search online and choose a nearest library location to pick it up. Library staff will find it for you and notify you via email when it's ready. YES, you can get access to all the available resources from every campus of UofM!!

"Interlibrary Loan"
Can't find what you want in our university? Don't worry, our library could get it for you from other libraries outside UofM systems if available. And, it's FREE!

"Workshops, Tutorials, and Guides"
Our libraries offer series of in-person workshops or recorded tutorials each semester to help you learn more about library services, and academic research strategies, for example, citation managers, literature review, reading scholarly articles, finding grants, etc.

"Ask a Librarian"
Still confused? Just "Ask Us"!! Any questions regarding library service or your own particular research, our wonderful librarians are just right there to help you! Email, phone, in-person appointments, or chatting online.......

Please check them out!! It'll make you academic journey easier! Good luck!!

All the best and Cheers!!

Earning recognition!!

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Hey there,

There are many opportunities and resources around campus for you to apply for various types of scholarships, fellowships, and awards, for both undergraduate students or graduate students. They could help polish your resume, and also improve your professional development journey. Don't miss the opportunities!! Check them out!!

Resources from Student Unions & Activities (for both undergrad and grad students)
Resources from Graduate School (for graduate students)

Hope it helps!!


Interested in "Cross-Cultural" Opportunities??

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Are you interested in "cross-cultural issues" either for your academic interests or personal interest? There are many professional opportunities that focus on cross-cultural issues around campus!!

First of all, almost every major to some extent have diversity-focused courses for students to register, which reflected the trends and great impacts of globalization and diversification on various disciplines. Please look at that if you are interestsed!

In addition, there are workshops or conferences or events outside your department to help you gain better understandings on international development from interdiciplinary perspectives:

1. International Research Conference This conference highlights global research by University of Minnesota faculty, researchers, and graduate students and encourages discussions on diverse global challenges, with a focus on building collaboration across disciplines, shared learning, and exploring the essentials of conducting research abroad. The themes for this year's conference were Food Security and Agriculture Production, Education, Global Health, Energy and the Environment, Economics and Poverty, and Global Governance.

2. Internationalizing Campus and Curriculum Conference The conference focuses on all University of Minnesota staff and faculty who are interested in internationalizing the curriculum and campuses. Organized by the GPS Alliance and co-sponsored by the Center for Teaching & Learning (UMTC), Instructional Development Service (UMD), International Education Office (UMD), Office of Information Technology, and the University Libraries. In this conference, you will learn from other colleagues' research or practical work on internationalization of curriculum and education, and build networking with leading scholars in the related fields.

Also, please keep track on your own departments or programs, there must be many events or research presentation within your major related to cross-border issues, challenges or practices.

Hope it helps! Thanks!


Thanksgiving Kindness~~

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Hey there,
It seems like this week is Thanksgiving blog week!! Thanks my team members to provide so much wonderful and fun information about Thanksgiving! But I still cannot stop talking about it, hope you don't mind, lol...
I and one of my cohorts from South Korea were invited to go to our American friend's house and experienced a very American-traditional Thanksgiving family get-together!
Check it out!!

Great food: Turkey, cranberries, stuffings, mashed potatoes, traditional Scandinavia dessert......



Thanksgiving is all about family.....Yahtzee!! Kinda old school family game, but tons of fun!!

I really appreciated our friend had us around for Thanksgiving celebration! Hope you all also had an unforgettable one!
Have a great weekend! See you next time!


Let's go SHOPPING!!

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Hey there,
Are you ready for Black Friday? Just in case you are not familiar with it......Black Friday is the day following Thanksgiving Day in the United States, traditionally the beginning of the Christmas shopping season. On this day, many stores open very early, often at 4 a.m., or earlier, and offer promotional sales to kick off the shopping season!! Great deals are waiting for you!!
Let's check out the good places for shopping around Twin Cities!

Mall of America
MOA is one of the country's leading tourist attractions, and the nation's largest indoor shopping mall! You could easily take light rail from downtown Minneapolis to MOA directly. It is a perfect destination for crazy shopping on Black Friday!!

Albertville Premium Outlets

OMG, are you ready for Midnight Madness Sale??
Find impressive savings at Ann Taylor Factory Store, Banana Republic, BCBG Max Azria, Calvin Klein, Coach, Gap Outlet, Gymboree, Kenneth Cole, Nautica, Nike, Polo Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger and more!!!!! Located between Minneapolis and St. Cloud.

Downtown Minneapolis
Nicollet Mall, including Macy's, Target, Neiman Marcus, and many other stores and great restaurants are located here.

Minneapolis Uptown

Cappuccino Corner! Many independent stores, restaurants, bookstores and more radiating out from the intersection of Lake Street and Hennepin Avenue.

Saint Paul Grand Ave.

St. Paul's hippest shopping area. Spans 30 blocks from Mississippi River to Downtown Saint Paul.

Hope the information helps!!
See you next time!


Try something different to eat!!

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Okay, I totally understand, you must miss the food in your country sooooo much, when you just arrive in the US. But...let's try something local!! I am sure you will like it!
Since this summer, I have been exploring the great restaurants, especially cafes, around Twin Cities with my friends. Please check out what we found!

1. Cupcake (

2. Green Spoon (

3. Panera Bread (

4. Purple Onion (

5. Overflow Cafe (

There are more out there around campus, wait for you!! ^o^

Cheer up!


Minnesota is not always "COLD"!!


Hi guys,
How's going recently?
Well...I have to admit that, Minnesota is indeed cold in winter, but you can still find a lot of wonderful places where make you "warm", and you could have tons of fun there!! Today, I am gonna recommend you one of my favorite destinations, "St Anthony Main" in Minneapolis, near to campus. It has great views, great restaurants and bars, and great routine events. Check it out!!

My favorite cafe

Stone Arch Cinema



St Anthony falls

Stone Arch Bridge

Cheer up! See you next time!


Interested in learning a NEW language?!

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Hi all,

Are you interested in learning a third language (or even fourth, fifth, ...), other than English and you mother language(s), to know more about other culture and make more friends?? At U of M, there are various languages programs that we could attend, including formal classes and many other programs...

Registered Courses
Many language courses, e.g., Japanese, Chinese, Spanish, German, etc., are offered on campus for all students to register for credits; even you are not in a certain language major. The courses are developed in different levels--beginning, accelerated beginning, intermediate, and advanced, and also some other related courses with focus on literature, writing, reading or else. You could take the courses following the levels step by step. Or, if you already have certain level of the language skills, many language programs have proficiency / placement test, which would help you find the right course level you may want to attend. Generally, your major program would require you to take some elective courses outside your major program. So, if approved by your major advisor, it would be a great idea to take your interested language courses as elective courses as earned credits toward your degree!!

TandemPlus Program (from College of Liberal Arts, Language Center)
Here is the link, CHECK IT OUT:
TandemPlus is a language exchange program. It matches native speakers of two different languages, students of each other's language who learn from each other and help one another to learn. For example, if you are Japanese native speaker and want to learn Chinese, TandemPlus will find you a Chinese native speaker who wants to learn Japanese. You and your partner could schedule your own study time based on your availability, or you could also attend the virtual face-to-face exchange or class-to-class exchange. Don't forget that, there are also a lot of Americans to attend this program who want to learn a foreign language from YOU, so, if you want to improve your English skills as an international student, you will absolutely find a partner here!!! And also, the participants in this program are not limited to current students, but also actually open to public. So, in here, you will not only learn a new language and promote your mother language, but also make more fantastic friends with diverse background and experiences. Isn't it excited?

Hope the information above is helpful for you!! Please let me know if you have any questions. Thanks!

See you next time!

Greetings from Xi!!


Hey there,

This is Xi. I am so excited to meet and talk to you guys here!!

I am originally from China, a first-year PhD student majored in Human Resource Development in College of Education and Human Development. I love music, play the piano, sports, go for concerts and hang out with friends!! Hope you have certain common hobbies with me, LET'S TALK!!

Do you have any questions about the U? the academic program you wanna enroll? tips of surviving in Minnesota in freezing winter??......As an international student ambassador, I will try all my best to help you out for sure!! Just let me know anything you wanna ask or talk.

I am here for you! I am looking forward to talking to you next time!


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