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A fall into the pit, a gain in your wit!


Hello Everybody!

Welcome to the spring semester of 2011 at the U of M!

Have you had a great winter vacation? Mine was awesome--I went back home and visited my families and friends. We kept talking, eating and playing. I guess this is how it should be looked like once you are away from home for a long time, isn't it?

I would say everything went on pretty well during my stay at home except one thing, which is I got my stuff stolen two days in a row--one is my ipod touch, the other is my digital camera. This is the thing I would like to emphasize for all international students once they go back home either just for vacation or post-graduation career--please be very very mindful about your surroundings since it changed greatly.

"Whip it"--Skater girl!


If you ask me what is one important thing in my life that has shaped me? I would say...SPORT for sure! It is a significant part of who I am, and the thing I would not function well if I miss out!

Welcome to the "International Education" Field!


Hello Everyone!

Maybe you already know that the University of Minnesota has good reputation in its Carlson School of Management, Law School, Medical School, etc. But do you know that the U also provides competitive educational programs for students and scholars? Since I'm currently doing my Master degree in one of the educational programs, I would strongly recommend you to pursue your study in this field if you really feel like "making a difference" in the education field.

Hi there!

Do you like winter? Do you like snow? If the answer is "Yes!", then I'm sure that the state of Minnesota (or Minne-snow-da) won't disappoint you!

If the answer is "No!", and your biggest concern is afraid of the extra coldness in Minnesota, then you are just on the right webpage!

We won't let the coldness be a hinder towards your selection of the University of Minnesota, since we are going to provide you some useful and practical tips to better ease you into the Minnesota winter life!

Minnesota =/= USA


(on the phone)

Mom: Oh my god, sweetie! Are you Okay?? I heard that there was a campus shooting in the United States!

Daughter: ......Yes, Mom, I'm fine. It was NOT in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Mom: Oh my god, sweetie! Are you still doing Okay?? I saw it on TV that there was an earthquake happened in the United States!

Daughter: ......Yes, Mom. You are right! But I'm still good, because that was NOT in Minneapolis, Minnesota, either.

Mom: Oh my goodness, sweetie! Are you still alive???! There was a tornado happened in the United States!!

Daughter: ......Yes, Mom. Of course, I'm still doing great! Okay, let's say, that was true as well! However, it just not happened here--NOT in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Glad to see you all here!


Hello everyone!

I'm Yu Meng, from Beijing, China. It is my second year of being a Master student at the University of Minnesota, majoring in "Comparative and International Development Education" at the College of Education and Human Development (CEHD).

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