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Goodbye and stay in touch!


Hi all,
Today I am very sad that I write my last entry of the year as a Graduate International Student Ambassador! It has been a pleasure to share with you my experience as a graduate student at the U of M. I hope my blog has been helpful and resourceful as you make your own transition to graduate school or as you are thinking about it! I am more than happy to answer any further questions you may have about life as a graduate student in the United States or graduate programs at the School of Public Health. Next week is a busy one for me as I wrap up the spring semester. I have papers to hand in and final exams to prepare for. I am looking forward to the graduation ceremony in about two weeks, where together with fellow graduate students, I will celebrate the completion of my graduate studies at the U. I am confident you are well on your way to a bright graduate study career and a very successful adjustment in the United States!

It's Spring Break!


Hi all,
Thanks for coming back to my blog this week:-) It's spring break and I am enjoying it in New York! I am very excited to take a break from classes and my busy work schedule. That does not mean I am not using the time to also catch up on school projects. However, I am spending the most of my spring break catching on sleep and having fun. At the U of M a number of graduate students take time off from school during breaks and holidays such as this to rejuvenate after the busy first half of the semester.
I go back to Minnesota next week to start the last half of my spring semester. I am sure I will be rejuvenated and ready for it! I am sure you are also getting ready to make your final decision on the graduate programs to attend next Fall. Choose the University of Minnesota for a fulfilling and exciting graduate school experience and remember to have fun while you are at it like I am! Spring Break NY 2011 036.JPG

Decision time or waiting time?


Hello everyone and happy Wednesday!!

It is almost the end of February. This month has been a busy one for me. I have written four quizzes, submitted four short papers, and gave a presentation all in the past five weeks of school. I am currently getting ready to submit a poster for presentation at a conference in Washington, DC early next week. It may be an anxious time for you too as you wait for the admission letter from the schools you applied to last fall or if you are lucky are deciding which school/program to go to (congratulation on your admission!), or you are still waiting. If I remember correctly this time last year I had received about three letters of admissions and I was waiting on others (I applied to 10 schools!)

So how I did I make the decision to attend the University of Minnesota?

I am happy to be back


Hi everyone!
Happy New Year 2011 and welcome back to my blog!
I have some exciting news for you. Over the winter break (or summer considering I was in Africa) I got married! I was very happy to see all my friends and relatives back home in Tanzania and to meet my new family in Swaziland. The weather was perfect and my wedding day was the best day of my life. I was and I still am very very happy! It was hard planning a wedding while studying last fall but it was all worth it in the end and more proof that there is life in graduate school! I am happy to be back in Minnesota (despite the chilling weather) to start my spring semester and my last year of graduate school!



Hi everyone!
Last Saturday we had the first snowfall in Minnesota! We had about 7 inches (17.8 centimeters!) of snow where I live. Despite the snowstorm, I ventured out to the mall with my nephew and my cousin who I had promised to take to the mall last Saturday! Fun times:)
Today I want to talk about the multidimensionality of my experience as a graduate student at the University of Minnesota. I hope some of this helps you to get a glimpse of my opinion about the cultural diversity of the graduate student body at the U of M.
As an international student who has lived in the United States for six years, there are many ways that I define myself, and some of these may seem contradictory. However, If I had to choose one way to define myself I would say I am an African student. I think African student defines not only who I am physically but also my values, my lifestyle, and my academic interests. For example, I believe in the importance of humility and gratitude, I shop in both American and African grocery stores, and my academic interests are infectious disease prevention and health behavior in developing countries. There are a plethora of academic courses, presentations, and community activities that address these topics at the U and especially at the School of Public Health.



Hi everyone:)
Thanks for coming back to my blog this week. Last week it was the Halloween holiday and I realized it was the first one since I have been in the United States that it hadn't snowed. I can't wait for it to snow.

Today I want to talk to you about my program. I am in the Epidemiology Master's of Public Health program. It is one of the more popular programs at the School of Public Health here at the University of Minnesota. I really like the program because it has met all my expectations so far. I chose to join the program at the U of M because the School of Public Health is ranked in the top 10 in the country by the U.S. News & World Report.
What is Public Health? Watch Video

It depends on how you budget your time!
Hi everyone,
Thanks for coming back to my blog again this week! Yesterday I wrote my first exam of the semester and it actually went pretty well! A lot of my friends are also writing their midterm exams this and next week. One can usually sense when midterms are here. There is a feeling that days are too short, lots of coffee consumption, no dinners out with friends, NO FREE TIME! But is it always that way? Not really! There is this myth that graduate students do not have free time to do anything else besides studying. It is true that graduate students work hard, but I found out this semester that graduate students CAN have free time. A little lesson in time management and prioritizing my tasks helped me figure that out. For all the other times that I do not feel like following these rules I use another trick, I CREATE FREE TIME:-) Don't believe me that graduate students do have a social life? Well here is the evidence they do...

The million dollar question


Hi everyone! I am so excited to be back again on the blog. The past few weeks have been absolutely pleasant in the twin cities. The weather could not be better. In the mornings, the fresh cool breeze sweeps the leaves away into a little song, by the lunch hour, it's warmed up enough I find myself tossing away the light sweater I put on in the morning. I love the fall season:) However, the fall season is not the only reason I chose the University of Minnesota. Today I will try to answer the million dollar question, Why did I choose to attend the University of Minnesota?

It's Fall Again:D


Hi everyone!
It is the fall season in Minnesota! That means beautiful colors and a very pleasant weather after a hot summer. My name is Dorothy Gondwe (my friends call me Dotty:-D). I am a second year graduate student in the Epidemiology program at the School of Public Health. I am from a city on the coast of the Indian Ocean called Dar-es-Salaam in Tanzania. This is my sixth year in Minnesota and I love it here!

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