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English is very hard language

English is so hard for every international students. At least that's what I think.

Few days ago, I was having a group meeting with my lab partners. We were talking about how to organize our lab report. There were total four people in our group, and two of us left the group meeting early. One other group member and I were left there, finishing up our report. We realized that the result part which was done by one of the group member who had left was completely wrong.

Sarah: Do you mind fixing the result part?
Don: Yeah!!!!! (I meant ‘I will fix the result part’)

What reaction do you expect from Sarah? She was… I think she was annoyed for an instant, and then she reminded that I was an international, so that she did not care about it after then. Actually I was the one who was completely annoyed, after realizing that I made a mistake.

Today, right now, I’m in library. About an hour ago, I just made a same mistake again.

Maria: Do you mind looking over our stuff for a little bit??
Don: Yeah. Sure. (I meant ‘I will look over your stuff.’ So I was nodding also.)

Well… as Maria had a lot of international friends (or maybe because I was nodding), she was not annoyed at all but actually I was annoyed again after realizing that I just made a same mistake which I have made a few days ago.

It seems pretty stupid that although I have lived in the US for total 1.5 years, I’m still making those silly mistakes. But what I think is that you shouldn’t be afraid of making mistakes or misunderstanding what people say. Everyone make mistakes. You will learn by making mistakes. English is a difficult language and it will take years to be able to use it fluently.

Yeah that’s what I think, but I still feel a bit stupid, for making same mistake twice (Probably I would have made more, but I don’t remember).