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Still hesitating? Check this out!

During the last few months since I first came to the University of Minnesota, there have been many people asking me the same question that is “Why do you choose this university?� To answer this question, I would like to bring out three main reasons.

First, I believe I am not the only one who concerns about the ranking of a university when evaluating it. The University of Minnesota ranks around top 30th among all the universities in the whole world. It is also very famous for its almightiness, since all of the colleges that engage into fields variously are all very outstanding.
Second, the University of Minnesota regards scholars with great talents very much. Students who applied to the U of M would be automatically evaluated according to their achievements, and scholarships up $6000 per semester would be offered to those who are the most competitive students. The scholarships are very important attractiveness for me, because the tuition for international students can be very expensive.
Third, the University of Minnesota has a very good policy for all the International students’ future career. After the first year studying in the U of M, international students can apply for the internships out side the universities to gain more bonuses to their resume while enriching their life out side the campus. Other than that, every international student is allowed to work up to one year in the States after graduating from the U of M. This could be very helpful in building up students working experience, considering many headquarters of top 100 companies are located in the state of Minnesota.
In short, except the winter is too long in Minnesota, I love everything here. I truly feel studying here is so much fun. While I am learning life long knowledge, I also make a lot of friends from all over the world. So don’t hesitate anymore since the deadline is coming, because you deserve the best education and the most fabulous college experience.