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Those crazy weeks...!

After about one month of homework, simple assignments and reports due, I had my first midterm this previous week....!

Midterms are exams that account for at least 20% of your final grade in a class. Usually the work distribution in a class is about 3 midterms and one final for the semester. You may have additional homework, quizzes. This is the case in most science classes. Sometimes instead of the final, the professor might want a paper with a topic related to your class and this usually happens in non-science related classes (History, Art, Languages...).
So I had my midterm in Thermodynamics...and actually it went pretty well!! The midterm reflected exactly what the professor advised us to study, that's, the homeworks (most of them done in study groups), the readings in the book and some extra exercises to totally get the concept...
....And I said "Those crazy weeks...!" because there will be some periods in your semester where you will have midterms in 2 or 3 consecutive weeks (depending on the number of classes you are taking!). And you might feel stressed!! But that only happens when you study the night before, never go to lecture and don't keep up with assigned work...! If you actually do the opposite of that and take the time to study and I mean 3 to 1 day before, you get more out of it and certainly get a good grade!
.....So remember, plan in advance, don't study the night before unless it's scuba diving and you are sure to get a good grade!!
......The finals are about 2 months from now. They are always at the end of the semester. So I don't have to worry about it now... ;).