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Why did I come to the University of Minnesota?

There are three main reasons which made me decide to come to university of Minnesota.

First reason which made me decide to come to the University of Minnesota is my department, biomedical engineering. Actually I transferred to the University of Minnesota, and before I transferred, my major was bioengineering. When I was planning to transfer to the university, I thought that the bioengineering major was not my interest. So I really wanted to transfer to other areas. However, as I was not so confident with other engineering courses, I decided to go for biomedical engineering, thinking that it will be kind of similar with what I was doing. Later, it turned out that I was completely wrong. Nothing was similar between biomedical engineering and bioengineering.

The second reason why I have selected the University of Minnesota, is because the higher possibility of getting a job. Minnesota is popular for lot of things, but one of the things which attracted me was that Minnesota had very big market of biomedical industry. That was a great merit for me as I was planning to get a job in the United States.

Third reason is weather. I like cold weather. Actually, before coming to the United States, I got a chance to decide where I should go between Texas and Minnesota. Definitely I chose Minnesota. I heard that Minnesota is very snowy place, and I really liked snow (and I still like it).

I never care about name value of university. I came to the university for something that I want to do or something that I like. I think it was a great choice to come to the University of Minnesota. I still have so many things to say about the U but I guess I should postpone it to later, as the article seems to get quite long to read. See you~