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Be here...

No one would deny the importance of college even if Bill Gates. It is crucial to choose the right college to attend as far as my experience is concerned. Now as a freshman of U of M, I feel so lucky that I’ve made the right decision for my life.

In the process of applying, I was thinking about working in business field in the future, and Carlson School of Management is undoubtedly among the top business schools in the US. Furthermore, due to the great location of twin-cities, home to more than a dozen Fortune 500 company headquarters, including Northwest Airlines, 3M and General Mills, there would be plenty of opportunities for either internship or work. Hence, UM is definitely a great attraction in light of career prospects, and it is not the whole story.

As an international student, I was greatly attracted by the blended culture of US. And UM is such a diverse community where you can meet all kinds of people, students and scholars from over 130 countries! Isn’t like a place called “United Nations??

Everyday, I’ve been enjoying my life in UM, and I strongly believe that UM is a good choice for future!