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How come you chose one of the natural fridges to study?!?!

Well my answer would be that, I didn't really choose. I was advised by my brother - who was studying Bmen (Biomedical Engineering) - that the University of Minnesota is a really great place to major in what I wanted. And I am liking it so far!

I had a very limited choice of universities when I was applying for college and the University of Minnesota was the only one in the Usa. Mostly because my brother was already there, but also because, moving from my home country to the Usa, I thought it was really going to help if I was with a family member. He has been around for almost four years, so he knew what was going on, how the campus life usually is, where to shop for food, where to apply for a job, or stuff like the social security number, an ID/driver license card...basically most of the things an International student eventually has to figure out. So I would say I had pretty easy beginnings at the U.
What's more, I realize now, is that the U has a lot of opportunities and a really good educational system. Besides the price of tuitions (which I will say is about the same for every University in the Usa), you get to use a lot of things on campus free of charge. There are a lot of computer labs around campus. IT (Institute Of Technology) students have about 10 rooms where there are 10-80 computers (Linux/Windows), some of them with free printing. Most libraries and the buildings of most colleges have computer labs. The university also has a wireless coverage on campus that you can connect to, on your personal computer.
There are a lot of international student associations (African Student Association, Asian Student Association) and also the university has a lot of centers to help students around (Writing center, Career Center, Tutor rooms…). Both the Minneapolis and the Saint Paul campuses have buildings where you can hang around between your classes to study, eat or just rest. You have advisers, both from your college and the ISSS (International Student & Scholar Services) to help you out if you need anything.
Like Don said earlier, I could go on, but let’s make a long story short. The U is Awesome!! :)