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How often do you check your email?

Email, short for electronic mail has become a more prominent type of communication worldwide, and it is a primary way of communication here in the University of Minnesota.

My first email account was set up when I was twelve, around ten years ago! I've never really use my email except for occasional e-card greetings to my fellow friends. Even my high school do not have email address database for all the students, and most of the time, they will either use telephone or mails as a primary way of communication with students. So, to be honest, I rarely check my email, usually once a week or once a fortnight, right until the time when I applied to University of Minnesota. When I got accepted, the first few things that I am required to do is to initiate an internet account that will also be my official UofM email account. This account was assigned by using part of my last name and numbers.

So, after a few weeks has passed, I went to my email account to check if there is any email sent to me, and to my surprise, there is at least more than ten emails from the university!! And the worst thing is that some of the email requires a really fast response! I have never accustomed to have urgent matter being sent through email. Luckily, I still received ordinary letters of the same content that I already attended to. From that onward, I will always check my University email account at least once every 3 to four days.

When I arrived at University of Minnesota and started my classes, email has been used frequently by almost all my lecturers and teaching assistants as a primary method of communication, where announcement about the class, assignment and questions were handled through email. Now, I always check my email a few times a day, something that I would not have done if I am still studying in my country. Almost every student have their own pc, and if they don’t have one, there are plenty of computer laboratory around campus and residence hall that can be used by students free of charge.

Apparently, using emails as a primary way of communication is a part of American culture that I am not aware of before I came to the University of Minnesota. So don't forget to check your email frequently as email is being used to deliver urgent messages that sometimes require really fast attention.


Hye Faris. I'm one of the Malaysian students who got admitted to U Of M. I really want to know more about U Of M. Can I have your email, plz? Thanx.

Hi Anis,
I'm glad that you got admitted to the U of M. Congratulations. You can contact me through my email, hashi018@umn.edu. Looking forward to hear more from you.