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It is a lot more than liking cold...

Being an international student, you would always face a question "Why University of Minnesota" and even being a junior I still have to answer it. But when I was a prospective student and now when I am a junior, I believe there are many things I should have thought of before, and many things I wanted to think about, but lacked the resources that i could use to clear my queries. But you guys have us!

The most important thing an applicant is concerned of is the ranking and if you don't already know, believe me that University of Minnesota is ranked amongst one of the leading Universities in the World. The business school, engineering school, school of dentistry, and IT are the most competitive ones. Being a business major I was more concerned about the business school, Carlson School of Management, and as soon as I became aware of its outstanding ranking, I have overcome the first hurdle.
But is it only the ranking that matters? Not necessarily. Though it is an important aspect but it is not the only one!
International students are concerned about many other things like daily life, food, crime rate, population, residence rates etc. In my case, I have two uncles in Minnesota who live here with their families, and hence I was not that much concerned about these factors because I knew I had people who I could ask for help, and that eased a lot of my fear for coming to Minnesota. In general Minnesota is a safe place, people are very friendly and helping, and most importantly it is not very crowded and heavily populated but has enough population to be considered as one of the big states. The only hard part about living here is the cold weather, especially when you are coming from a warmer zone. But as far as you know people who can help you with any questions and guide you through the transition of settling down, you are good. And you guys have us, the ambassadors, so nothing to worry about.

Also there is good news that the University of Minnesota- Twin Cities will cut their undergraduate tuition fee for international students or non-residents from $ 9790 to $ 7975 per semester. If you need further information, following are the website URL's:

For current undergraduates:

For prospective: