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feel troublesome? just ask for help!

Hey, everyone, I just got back from Florida. The weather there was wonderful. Everything was like in a beautiful dream. However it is time to come back to the real life in Minnesota!

Home sweet home. No matter who you are, the University of Minnesota is always like your home. People here are very friendly. There are many student organizations that are willing to help students solve all kinds of problems. The most helpful organizations are Christian related. One of them is called China Outreach Ministries. They offer great help to Chinese students. If you are a new one, they help you find place to live. They also host students who have no place to live in a short period of time. They are very considerate that they will pick you up at the air port since they know it is your first time here and probably with many many pieces of luggage. Once you get to know them and also their family, I am sure you will enjoy the friendship with them. They don’t require you to be a Christian, they are just happy to help people who are in difficult situation. Their website is: http://www.sua.umn.edu/groups/directory/show.php?id=666.

The Chinese hospitality center is another big organization which is located in St Paul campus. People there are really nice. Every other week, they have parties so that people can sit together and share their unique experience. Friendship dinners are hosted every month. After the dinner, special guests would give lectures about Christian life. There you can have nice food, learn something about American Culture and make many good friends. It is a good spot to check out. Here is their website http://www.chinesehc.org/.

There are also tons of other organizations that I believe that at least one of them will meet your need. As international students, we are far from our parents and we are all by ourselves. It is hard, but no longer with friends who are willing to share our difficulties and also happiness.


Hi, I'm glad to find a Chinese student also in CSOM.

Having been admitted to CSOM as freshman of 2008 Fall, I'm trying to find out more about UMN. So, would you please tell me your email adress?

My email address:cyl1027@hotmail.com

Hey Lynn, my email address is tirxiaomi@hotmail.com. You can also find me at校内网, my Chinese name is 胡丹妮. Check it out!