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Transfer to another college in the U of M

Last week , I talked about transferring from another foreign university to the University of Minnesota (U of M). Today, I am going tell you something about transferring college after your first year you are here if you want to try something new.

A lot of students don't have any idea what they want to do in the future in their freshman year of sophomore year. Fortunately, that's totally fine, because it is not necessary to declare a major before the third year of your college life. In most cases, students apply for the College of Liberal Arts and study some general courses. And then, after they get to know more and more about their interests and career trend, they can apply to transfer to their favorable college. This is a quite normal thing happening here in a U.S. university, and remember, U.S. is famous for its flexibility.

As a transfer student during my sophomore year in the College of Liberal Arts, I discovered that I am interested in business and finally I decided to transfer to the Carlson School of Management and study Finance. After consulting with my advisers, I figured out the procedures of transferring college. Usually, the deadline application of transferring is March the 1st. So, during the winter break, I prepared all the documents such as personal statement, application forms and resume. When I was writing my personal statement, I was asked to explain why I am interested in the area and capable for studying it. I found this very helpful since it gave me a chance to think through who I am and what I really want.

Other colleges such as IT or EE may have different requirements. But don't worry. After you get here, you can always talk with your adviser. They will guide you step by step till you reach your academic goal.


Hello, I am Ashley from Beijing. Would you please let me have your e-mail address because I have some questions regarding newly admitted students. Thanks!

Hi Ashley, it is very nice to hear from you. My email address is huxxx189@umn.edu. Please feel free to ask questions. I will try my best to help you.