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Why this cold freezer?

Sometimes when I am lying on my bed, looking outside the window, I can't believe that I have been away from home for almost half a year. The fact that I am already a College student is so amazing! It always reminds me how tiring but significant the whole application process is to me…

Studying abroad was just someone’s dream when I was small. I didn't really have it come into my mind until the summer in 2006. I was taking an SAT class just to improve my English (HAHA, yup) and start knowing a lot of stuff about college application. I have always dreamt of pursuing my studies in an interactive and open classroom like what I am having right now in the States. Moreover, as I am particularly interested in Science and Math, Colleges in the U.S. will have a lot more resources, opportunities and advanced technology than what schools in Hong Kong can give me.

After I got my SAT result, which is NOT that bad, I started doing all the research on the Schools which are prestigious on the majors I like, Chemical Engineering and Pharmacy. MIT, UCLA, etc, are definitely the best schools in the States, however, I don't want to be in too much stress and drive myself crazy. Then, I began to question myself about "What I really want" during my college life. I want to lead a pleasant and excited life and at the same time prepare myself for the future. And I am sure that it’s an important journey to discover my inner qualities and find out who I really am.

Finally, U of M: a really good school in Chemical Engineering; located in a comparably quite and less tempting state (Think about California or New York) is actually the best choice for me!

By Cherry (Staying in my warm cosy room)