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How many credits per semester?

How many credits would it be appropriate? How is it going to affect my graduation plan?

Well, i would say you have to be very careful about how many credits you take. Not all the students know how busy you gonna be and also if they can handle it or not. If a student is registered for too many classes and can not keep up with the class work, then it is going to be a major problem. So i personally want to suggest to stick with fewer credits in the first semester or so just to catch up and adapt to the new environment. then, later on, you would have known how much you can handle, you can add up the load in the coming semesters.

For me, i took 13 credits in my freshmen year and then later on i started taking 16 and 18 credits. I know many students that set up a goal to finish college in 3 years and take more than 20 credits. So, if you are sure of yourself that you can handle it, then go for it.

By staring from a 13 credits a semester didn't really hurt my graduation plan. If i take a summer class this summer, i will graduate a semester ahead. All i wanted to say is that if you can plan everything on time and stick to it, there is no problem. Well, Good luck Guys!! College is full of adventure