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University Residence Hall or off-campus housing?

My personal experience in living in university residence hall. Now i want to live in dorm but my brother joined me so i need to live in apartment off campus.

From my point of view, both of these options have advantages and disadvantages. Some of my friends live in residence hall and they seem pretty satisfied about living there. It is because most of them prefer not to cook. If you choose to live in residence hall, you have to get meal plan. So they are pretty happy about it. Plus all the residence halls are right in the heart of the campus. So you can just walk to your classes. Most of the residence halls have laundry on each floor, game room, tv room, and etc. They have most of the necessities that you might need in daily basis. I would say if you don't mind sharing bedroom and restroom with other people, then the residence halls are right for you! In my first semester at the university, i lived in Yudolf hall. It was right in center of the lecture halls. To tell the truth, i used to get up right before classes and be in class right on time. Between my classes, i used to come to my room take a nap or do some other things. When i first moved in, the supervisor of Yudolf hall explained me that many graduate students, juniors, and seniors live there. At that time i didn't really get what was so important about it. Later on, i just realized that Yudolf hall was pretty quite and "peaceful" compared to other halls. Personally i prefer quite environment, so i was happy about it. My brother came here last semester for school and right now we live off- campus. Anyways, yeah, i really liked living in Yudolf hall.
If you are interested in living on campus, you can visit http://www.housing.umn.edu/ And again, if you are interested in specific residence hall or if you have any question about specific location feel free to ask.
On my next entry, i am going to write about my apartment people!!