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May 8, 2008

Life is so good!

OMG, the final week is driving me crazy. Finals are coming next week, (good luck everyone!). Congratulations of your baby, my dear dear Beth! I miss you so much and I look forward to seeing you this summer. What else?

This month would be very exciting. Besides the final, I will have a lot of other things to do. Since summer finally comes, I will definitely hang out with friends. All the ambassadors are going to visit the Minnehaha Fall tomorrow and have dinner in a seafood restaurant together. After that, I will enjoy a great FREE movie at Coffman Student Union with another friend. On Sat. night, I am going to watch a baseball match with an American friend, (I am so excited, this would be my first time watching a baseball game). On Sunday, I will go to the church in the morning as usual and then visit my host family and celebrate Mothers’ Day together. Also, I have already ordered a bouquet of beautiful flower for my mom at China. I cannot imagine how happy she will be when she receives the gift! (Excuse me, I just cannot stop feeling good. Isn’t the sun just soaking up?)

As a retreat for myself, I ordered books online, and they are really cheap. I cannot stop reading the novels. As you may guess what is attracting me that much… It is the GOSSIP GIRL! The worlds are so my type and the life described in the book makes me want to work in Manhattan in the future! Moreover, I am treating myself to couple of restaurants, in the twin cities area. So far, I don’t like the Chinese restaurants in general, especially the Hong Kong Noodle. It is way too greasy. The Red Sea Bar, which is serving African food, also sucks. Kafe 421 is a very elegant one. Lorain Pasta Bar is a good place to hang out on every Friday and Sat Night from 10 to 2, because they have Salsa dance. The riverside bar on the west bank is a good place because of their live music. In terms of typical American food, I like Perkins a lot. They serve very fresh vegetables and the atmosphere is delightful. You would better go with families. The Baker’s Quarter has amazing Pies, but it is a little bit noisy. The Apply Bee is a very nice place to date, because it is always very dark there… Appetizers served in the Apple Bee is good and the price is reasonable. Oh I almost forget, the Cheese Cake Factory in the North Dale is definitely on the top of my list. It has the best cheese cake I have ever tasted. Be aware of the long line!

In conclusion, life is so good!

P.S. Hope everything goes well with the visa interview you guys.

May 6, 2008

Summer time's here again!

It has been a long winter and long semester. Finally, the spring came again. It is almost the end of the semester. What's the plan for summer?

i am so excited that it is finally the summer coming! I have few plans for the summer. right after the finals i am going home for few weeks and then coming back for summer class. It is always good to see my family and my friends. At the same time, this is the first time i am going to spend my summer in MN. I am thinking about doing some canoing with my friends and see some new places. Camping is always full of adventure and Minnesota has many places great for camping! Well, this is it for me.

I want to wish you good luck for the studying and everything here in MN! It has been a pleasure to be an international student ambassador!

May 2, 2008


Well, the spring semester is almost done - about two weeks!!! The summer is coming along and it sure is going to be entertaining to enjoy a couple of nights without homeworks before my junior year!!!

The spring semester has been going for about 4 months now, and besides the spring break we have had recently, a "longer break" will actually be really usefull now!! The semester ends next friday and after a week of final, it's over!!!

I won't be taking any classes during the summer; So I will mostly being working and doing a little bit of volunteering in a medical center!

You might still be a little nervous about starting at the U next semester,...It's Ok..! Just don't freak out completely, It's not as bad as you might think! Hopefully all the blog entries will help you "de-stress" and will give you a "taste" of the U and the state of Minnesota! So get a max of your hometown while your still there, take a lot of pictures, cause you sure want to be able to show your roomate/classmate what the city you lived in for a while looks like!!
Have a great summer! And once again welcome to the U (for new students!!) and greetings from the U (for prospective students!!)

Here is my email tchon002_at_umn.edu (_at_ is for @) incase you have any concern!