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Well, the spring semester is almost done - about two weeks!!! The summer is coming along and it sure is going to be entertaining to enjoy a couple of nights without homeworks before my junior year!!!

The spring semester has been going for about 4 months now, and besides the spring break we have had recently, a "longer break" will actually be really usefull now!! The semester ends next friday and after a week of final, it's over!!!

I won't be taking any classes during the summer; So I will mostly being working and doing a little bit of volunteering in a medical center!

You might still be a little nervous about starting at the U next semester,...It's Ok..! Just don't freak out completely, It's not as bad as you might think! Hopefully all the blog entries will help you "de-stress" and will give you a "taste" of the U and the state of Minnesota! So get a max of your hometown while your still there, take a lot of pictures, cause you sure want to be able to show your roomate/classmate what the city you lived in for a while looks like!!
Have a great summer! And once again welcome to the U (for new students!!) and greetings from the U (for prospective students!!)

Here is my email tchon002_at_umn.edu (_at_ is for @) incase you have any concern!