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festival-time to celebrate

one of the things i miss the most being away from home, is our festival season. the time to celebrate, eat, drink and make merry and to be with your loved ones. our main festival of the year is dashain which started on september 30th until october 14th. i had been having a really hectic week with school, all the assignments, studio reviews and quizes, i was really to unwind for the weekend. so on the 11th of oct, saturday we decided to have our 'dashain' feast with the 'tika' ceremony.


we were 20 of us attending, so we decided to a potluck. i ended up cooking most of the food because i simply love to cook and i was only too happy to have had the honour of cooking up a storm. we had our traditional pulau (rice), aloo achar (spicy potato salad), goat meat curry, chicken curry, sidra achaar (marinated anchovies), sikarni (yoghurt dessert) and yes the drinks too. after a couple hours of traditional gambling ritual.......we had been partying from 6pm to 3 am. but it was not tiring at all which makes me think why does studying for a few hours make you so exhauted thaat you have to take 3 coffee breaks, two 'toilet' breaks, few emails and facebook breaks and a lot of dreaming spans. i wish life was as easy as a festival celebration (minus the clean up time, prep time)!!!

after this fun filled day i was happy to realize that i have a huge family here too, a family of good friends (and they become bad friends when they dont do the dishes). but yes, i finally do have a home away from home.