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School focussed or Community focussed? (+ pic from Halloween :)

One of your concerns when applying at the university or before the admission is probably your grades, whether or not you will be successful in a new academic system, if professors expectations are going to be different/higher or if your English proficiency is going to hold you back.


Those were my concerns too, but after the first semester, I realized that grades might be important but extracurricular activities are far more important and meaningful for a future career or admission in a professional school. By extracurricular activities, I mean activities outside your semester academics. That would be volunteering, being an active member of a student organization or being actively leading other organizations.

I started volunteering my sophomore year and for me, it was a great way to meet people with different interests and orientations and also people with a different culture. I got to learn about ways on how to lead a group of students, how to work effectively with people who might a different way of doing things. Some of the favorite things I added to my "knowledge list" were people's cultural values, and how important it is to things because you think it's valuable, not because it's "fulfilling a requirement", that's outside school speaking of course....You have to fulfill all your major/college requirement to graduate :)
It might not be important for your future career but if it is, be sure to have some involvement and I am confident that if you are willing to learn, you are going to get a lot out of it :)

Enjoy your day :) and here is a picture taken on Halloween day, from a international student organization called IFG (International Friendship Group)