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The economy, the employment and us

Since the bankruptcy of Lehman Brother Holding Inc. bombed the Wall Street, the whole world worried about the economy of the US, of course, including us. Actually, all we concern about is the employment.

I got a lot of questions and emails from the students in China concerning this topic. For me, all I can say is I don’t know but we’ll see. If you are interested in all this economic news, I suggest you check the wallstreetjournal everyday. (www.wallstreetjournal.com) You can get everything you want. (Probably not everything you want, but at least everything you can get.)

Let’s talk about the employment and how I feel in my life.

As a student in Carlson, we have the business student career center which provides all the information and services about the career plan, mock interviews and resume workshops. In addition, all the recruitments in Carlson are operated by the system called “CARS?. (https://www.cars.csom.umn.edu/csc/default.asp) You can find all the positions’ information in business. For the reputation, the education quality, the strong alumni network and the perfect location (Minneapolis is the home of many largest 500 companies.), Carlson always can attract the best employers. If you are slected as the primary candidates, I’m sure you are very competitive compared with other candidates as a Carlon student.

Although corporate America are reducing the staff expenses, even the U is doing the same thing (From Minnesota Daily: U President Bob Bruininks announced a salary freeze for the U’s senior executives, including himself, at the Board of Regents meeting.), I think it’s just a phase in the economic cycle and it’s a global phenomena. We don’t have to be panic and doubt the future business world. In contrast, I think it’s a good opportunity for us to stay at school and learn more to prepare well for our graduation. The bad news should be a good alert for us to see clear, then we can make a good plan for ourselves.

So, STOP doubting the world and ENJOY the exciting business revolution~~!!!

The following is the website of GBCC(Graduate Business Career Center) and UBCC(Undergraduate Business Career Center)
GBCC: http://www.carlsonschool.umn.edu/page8688.aspx
UBCC: http://www.carlsonschool.umn.edu/Page7415.aspx
You can find more resource about the employment in Carlson.


maybe you're from china.so let's speak chinese, ok?