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Where to live? My experience

Before I started my studies I spent quite some time looking close to the University campus for a place to live. I remember I was so I-don’t-know-what-I-should-be-looking-for that I had to spend sometime first thinking about what it would be convenient for a newly international student like me. After thinking about it for a while I finally got an idea of what I needed! Yay! I remember something that also helped me a lot: the University (I think it was the ISSS itself) provided us international students a list of places that we can opt to visit and maybe later think and decide whether to sign a lease with them.


So now I knew (1) what I wanted, (2) what I could afford, and (3) what my options were; I knew I wanted a place walk-distance to the University (no more than 15 mins walk…remember Minnesota can be very cold during the winter), only girls roommates, hopefully my own bathroom that is a big plus!!! , and a nice-quiet common area where I can study if it is to cold outside to walk to the library/coffee shop/friend’s apt…and guess what? I found it! And more!! :)

So I am staying at Melrose, ever since I started my studies, where the majority of us are students either undergrads or grad at the UofM; here I have my own bathroom, only girls at my apartment, and a gym too, and some other amenities that I don’t use (for now….but are nice to have just in case).

This place is 5 blocks south-east of the UofM. It is convenient that I have a groceries store three blocks away, a couple of coffee shops, a few places to have lunch/dinner, close by bus stops, and off course the UofM library, Boynton, etc...
It is convenient not only because I am close to the campus but I am also a 10 minutes by bus to downtown Minneapolis; and from downtown you can use the light rail to get to more places!! like the International Airport of Minneapolis/St Paul and the Mall of America (30 minutes).

Before making such an important decision, after all you will be l-i-v-i-n-g here, you can also check news papers or internet craiglist or ISSS recommendations. Take the time to find the right place for you.

On my next log, I will write about the Computer Science activities and program - I am gathering accurate and goooood information that could be useful for you! :)

- Gabriela