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January 31, 2009

Best Location!!!

You probably have heard so many reasons why the University of Minnesota is an academically great choice for you. Therefore, I will not talk about that in this posting. I will instead focus on why the location of University of Minnesota makes it a great choice. Believe me, this is one of the most important factor as well, especially for international students. Let's go and find out why.

1) City or not? : many people don't like living in the center of a big city because it might be quite difficult to focus (so many distractions!). On the other hand, a lot of people don't like living far from the city as well since it might be inconvenient. Whichever type you are, don't ever worry about that. University of Minnesota has a great location between those two extreme. The campus is not located in the center of the city; however, it is not far from downtown Minneapolis as well. You can take a bus for 5 or 10 minutes to go to down town. Therefore, this is just probably most suitable location for learning.

2) Airport: University of Minnesota is pretty close to the MSP airport as well, and believe me, this makes international students' lives much easier. You can fly from your country to the airport and spend just 10 or 15 more minutes to take a shuttle or the light rail train to campus. This is very very convenient for international students.


3)Big city, big companies: Minneapolis and St. Paul are big cities and they are favorite places for many big companies. Companies like 3M and Ecolab are companies that have many branches around the world and have headquarter in Minneapolis and St. Paul. This makes opportunities wide open for students at the University of Minnesota.

4) Best place to live: in many ranking, Minneapolis is recognized as one of the best place to live and most friendly people. This ensures that the surroundings of the University of Minnesota are exceptional.
- Forbes http://www.forbes.com/2007/11/05/homes-property-affordable-forbeslife-cx_mw_1106realestate.html
-Other rankings:http://www.metromsp.org/sidebar/why_nationalrankings.htm#hl

Those are some reasons that make the location of the University of Minnesota one of the best!!

January 30, 2009

Hello, everyone!!!!

Good morning, good afternoon, good evening, wherever you are in the world!!

My name is Theerachai Chanyaswad, but people usually call me Thee. I am from Thailand and now I am a freshman here, at the University of Minnesota. Go Gophersssssssssssssss.

My college is Institute of Technology and I am also in the University Honors Program. I guess a lot of you might be interested in this, so please feel free to go to the website and check it out. For my major, I plan to major in Mechanical Engineering (here, we don't have to declare a major until sophomore year).

About my interests, I like sports. I play tennis, basketball, soccer, and many more. In fact, I am trying to play hockey now!!! I also enjoy watching sports including soccer (European), NBA basketball and NFL football.

Those are all about me. Finally, don't forget to come and read my weekly post. A lot of stories are await to be told!!!!!

See my photos

It's me!!
P1020892 - Copy.JPG

My email reply to a Star Tribune writer

Recently, I was contacted by a writer from Star Tribune, discussing how and why I decided to study in the U. I post my reply here in order to give more information to people who are interested. I would like to share more with you if you have follow-up questions.

Q: I read on your ambassadors page that you're a sophomore accounting major in the Carlson School of Managment. Is that correct?

Tell me a little bit about high school. Were you an accomplished student?
At what point did you begin considering coming to the U.S. to study? How did you first hear about the U? I read that there was an informal welcome session -- Did you attend that before or after you applied to the U?
What was that welcome session like? Could you describe it? (How many U representatives were there? What kinds of things did they tell you? What kinds of questions did you ask?) Did you know of other people who had attended the University of Minnesota? What else factored into your decision? I read that you received a Global Excellence Scholarship?

A: Yes now I am a sophomore accounting major in Carlson.

I believe that I am an accomplished student in my high school, especially outside of the classroom. I was kinda into social activities and always initiated to try new things. I began considering coming to the U.S. to study when I noticed that one of my schoolmate who was in the higher grade got the offer from Harvard. I learned that he actually applied for the U himself with no study abroad experience. I was amazed and I started to learn the process such as how to get a TOEFL score and what the other key things that the U here is looking for. The more I knew, the more I felt that I am the person who fits the U.S. education system well, for example, the leadership experience and creativity that people are encouraged to have here while Chinese education system requires more cramming work.

I heard about U of M when I was looking at the ranking at Princeton Review. Actually I did some research on the first 70 public universities in the U.S. based on the Internet resource and then I picked 10 of them to apply for. The informal welcome session that offered by the U in Shanghai was the first time for me to be so close to the staffs from the U. I regarded it as a good chance to get to know the real info instead of the ambiguous one from the Internet. There were people from ISSS and also some alumni. Two of them were Chinese who taught in the U. I think there were about 10 people in total. They started with the power point slides, introducing the U and followed by Q&A session. Most of the questions that Chinese students and parents asked were about the campus life, as well as twin cities such as the weather.

However, what I considered most was the academic aspect of the program. The quality of the program is way more importent than weather here. I contacted some students who were already got into Carlson at facebook, especially the Chinese students. They kinda provided me some insights and the big picture.

Finally, I got 4 offers from the Universities/Colleges in the U.S. and the reason I chose Carlson was mostly about the good-ranking at that point of time. and yes the global excellence scholarship attracted me as well.

Did I answer most of your questions? Feel free to email back if you need me to provide further information.

Have a nice weekend.


January 19, 2009

Snowboarding & Skiing in Minnesota

Are you from countries where there's no snow?

Do you want to experience nice winter sports in Minnesota?

Do you like speedy and fun winter sports?

Then it's time to try and learn snowboarding and skiing!

Minnesota is a perfect place for snowboarding and skiing with a lot of good snow. There are two good places in Minnesota for snowboarding or skiing. Usually, it costs $50-65, including a lift ticket and equipment rental.Following these links, you will find more information. Especially, in Welch Village, there is a three style pass ($99) including a lift ticket, rental, and lessons for three times.



Have a fun in Minnesota!