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Best Location!!!

You probably have heard so many reasons why the University of Minnesota is an academically great choice for you. Therefore, I will not talk about that in this posting. I will instead focus on why the location of University of Minnesota makes it a great choice. Believe me, this is one of the most important factor as well, especially for international students. Let's go and find out why.

1) City or not? : many people don't like living in the center of a big city because it might be quite difficult to focus (so many distractions!). On the other hand, a lot of people don't like living far from the city as well since it might be inconvenient. Whichever type you are, don't ever worry about that. University of Minnesota has a great location between those two extreme. The campus is not located in the center of the city; however, it is not far from downtown Minneapolis as well. You can take a bus for 5 or 10 minutes to go to down town. Therefore, this is just probably most suitable location for learning.

2) Airport: University of Minnesota is pretty close to the MSP airport as well, and believe me, this makes international students' lives much easier. You can fly from your country to the airport and spend just 10 or 15 more minutes to take a shuttle or the light rail train to campus. This is very very convenient for international students.


3)Big city, big companies: Minneapolis and St. Paul are big cities and they are favorite places for many big companies. Companies like 3M and Ecolab are companies that have many branches around the world and have headquarter in Minneapolis and St. Paul. This makes opportunities wide open for students at the University of Minnesota.

4) Best place to live: in many ranking, Minneapolis is recognized as one of the best place to live and most friendly people. This ensures that the surroundings of the University of Minnesota are exceptional.
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-Other rankings:http://www.metromsp.org/sidebar/why_nationalrankings.htm#hl

Those are some reasons that make the location of the University of Minnesota one of the best!!


Can you tell me an exact source for this article?