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Minneapolis, one of the best places to live!

Believe it or not, Minneapolis/St. Paul is ranked 3rd best city to live in US by City Magazine based on health care, schools, housing, quality of air and so on. As rated by Forbes in 2007, it is the most affordable city in US. With the soon to be ready TCF stadium adding to the list of attractions, the ranking of the city should improve further.

For the museum lovers, there are many arts, science, historic museums here. Winters might be harsh, but its a different experience. And summers are pleasantly warm. There are a wide range of places to roam around as well, Mall of America stands as one example. And there are many Fortune 500 companies situated in Minneapolis. With all these plus points, it is one of the best place to come here for your studies in University of Minnesota situated in Minneapolis.

On the ending note, a wonderful video about Minneapolis for you.

See you here the University of Minnesota.