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What's it like to live in the dorm?

Many new international students may be considering living in one of the residence hall of the university right now, and many of them may have a lot of questions regarding dorm life. I am living in Middlebrook Hall, one of the residence hall right now, so I can apparently the question above very well. Let's find out what's it like.


First of all, rooms in different halls are different, so I will try to talk in general here.

There are many issues to talk about here, so let me talk about one at a time.

1) Room: The dorm room is actually pretty nice. Student can choose to loft or bunk his/her bed in order to get more space in the room. However, I would say that the size of the room itself is adequate for two people. Room is usually clean, but you will probably want to vacuum your room sometimes. You can check out the vacuum from the front desk of your hall for free with your U-card.

You can go and look at the pictures of the room from the link above by clicking the dorm's name and click "Photos".
You can also watch the "video tour" on that website.

2) Bath Room: For most of the dorms, you don't have your own, private bath room. I am not quite sure about the exact number, but I think there might be a number of bath rooms on a floor. However, for Middlebrook Hall, you will have "semi private" bath room, which means you have one bath room in front of your room and you share it with 3 more people (usually your roommate and the other two in the room next to you). Although you have to clean your own room, you are not responsible for cleaning the bath room (except in the double suite in the new addition of Middlebrook Hall, where the bath room is adjacent to your room and you can get into there right from the inside of your room)

3) Food: Food in the dorm is pretty good, actually. There are variety of foods you can have. There is a sandwich bar, where there are many types of bread and meat and vegetables for you to create your own sandwich. There are pizzas, Asian foods, ice cream, salad bars, soups, and many others. There are also over ten types of cereal to choose from and tons of drinks from soda to coffee. Therefore, don't worry much about the food except if you are worried that you might miss your home country's foods. Ha-ha-ha.

You can go and check the menu here:http://www.campusdish.com/en-US/CSMW/UnivofMinnesota/default.htm?LocationID=159

4) Friends and lives: Living in the dorm means that you will meet a lot of people. You will have a lot friends on your floor as well as those on other floors. In the dorm, people will walk around all the time and you can go and talk with your friends any time, which makes dorm life really fun. Sometimes, there will be an activity on the floor like movie, or games that you can enjoy. This is actually a good way to have a sense of community on the big campus. Furthermore, there is also a study lounge on the floor where you can go and study with other people. You may need help with your homework and that's where you can get some helps. There is also a tutor room in the dorm where you can also get helps on your homework from the tutors.

5) Front desk: The front desk is where you can check out many things. They have TVs, PS2s, movies, video games, board games, vacuums, piano rooms, music practice rooms, table tennis table room, billiard table room, basketballs, and many more for you to check out!

There are also many more services in the dorm as well: http://www.housing.umn.edu/student/services.shtml

Finally, I would like to add that living in the dorm one of the best ways to make friends. It is convenient and very safe. You will have a good time living here.


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