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Women in Computer Science...this is for YOU!

I should talked about this topic a loooooong time ago, I am sorry about it. I missed one of the Ambassadors meetings because of this conference, actually. This conference is one of the most popular ones in Computer Science, and it has a particularity: it is made by and for women! The Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computer Science annual conference takes place in different and exciting locations that always surprises everyone!

This special conference is oriented to Master and PhD female students in Computer Science or related fields.

The University and especially the CS Department encourages and supports female students to assist at least once to this conference; besides that inspiring it is the right place to find people working or doing research on that topic that also interests you. Students from all over the country travel once a year to present a post, talk about women in CS specific topics, have fun, enjoy great food too, and dance! It also has a recruitment event, where the most popular companies in the industry of technology are waiting for you to talk about your ideas, why you would like to work for them, etc. etc.
This is a great opportunity to network! too. It is very important to expand your list of people you know in the field; you can help them and they can help you. It is a space to give and receive technical support but also to get motivated to continue with your professional or academic initiatives...and to get more involved as well!!!

I posted some pics that I took in the last conference at Keystone, CO, last year (2008).


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