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Activities as courses

Gabriela in her article has mentioned the importance of Fitness to keep a healthy mind and body. Keeping ourselves fit with some activity will also help us handle the pressure we have due to the course load and other academic activities. The university offers various activities in the form of one credit courses, some of them do not account for our graduation requirements depending on the degree we take and the course we register for.

To name some of the various categories in which the university offers such courses are physical education, music, dance etc. In the Physical education section, we have courses like weight training, Karate, Horse riding, skiing, Hand ball, racquet ball, squash, tennis, scuba diving etc. Under the Music category, we have Vocals, Piano, Guitar, violin, Opera, jazz, mastering dictions in various foreign languages and theory of music. Modern dance techniques, ballet, tap dancing etc are also taught as part of courses. And all these activities are offered in the form of courses at various levels (beginner/intermediate/advanced).

Most of us might not have had an opportunity to learn many of these activities in our home countries, this is one best part of being a student in big universities like ours. A few of us might also have some of these activities as hobbies, this is one good chance to pursue our hobbies and hone our skills. And, since all these are courses, we do not tend to miss the classes once we have registered for the course. In this way we'll be regularly in touch with these activities and keep ourselves physically and/or mentally healthy.

The best way to find the list of such courses offered is to do a Class Search from One stop website (the importance of One Stop web site in a later post in detail). In the current Spring semester, these are the links to courses offered under Physical Education, Music and Dance categories.

Have fun, be healthy!