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University of Minnesota & My Life's Goal

I think I am gonna devote this entry to talk about my life's goal and my experience here, at the University of Minnesota.

First, I would say that it's quite hard to say what my life's goal exactly is right now. I still have a lot of time to explore my career option. However, I can roughly say that my goal right now -- in the short run -- is to get a good education in order to get a good job. In a little bit more specific sense, I would like to know how devices, or technologies around us work. In other words, I would like to understand how we build a computer, how we make a telephone, and how we make other modern technological devices.

How my experiences at the University of Minnesota so far relate to my goal? Let's find out...

I want to divide my goal into three parts: good education, good job, and understanding technologies.

So far, I can confidently say that I am on track toward my goal regarding good education. I don't only learn the concepts or theories from my classes here, but I also have hands-on experiences. I would say that I have learned a lot from the lectures so far. I really "understand" concepts, not just "memorize" them. This is because in the lecture, our professor always connects the concepts we are learning to our real life. He explains how we can use them or how we have used them. He sometimes even has a real demonstration on how we have utilized those concepts. In other words, here, I learn to know how we can make use of those concepts, not just learn to take a test! However, as I said earlier, one of the most important experiences I have had so far is the hands-on experience. This means my lab experiences as well as out-of-class experiences. Specifically, I think the fact that I have an opportunity to use many high-tech gadgets in labs is really beneficial to my educational experience.

From this great educational experience I have had and that I will have, I am confident that this will lead me to my second goal -- good job. Furthermore, there are many resources here that can help me have a successful career. University Career Services is one of the good examples. I have been there several times and they are really helpful. I had had no idea how to write a resume at all before I went there. They provided me with very good advice. Apart from university's resources, I also have an opportunity to participate in many activities on campus. One of them is, of course, the International Student Ambassador program. I am sure that these experiences will be very very helpful when I try to get a good job. In other words, they will be very helpful when I try to reach my life's goal.

Finally, for my goal about knowing the world, all science classes -- Physics, Chemistry, Biology -- are guiding me toward that goal right now. As I said earlier, in these classes, I do not only learn concepts, but I also learn how we have used these concepts to make such wonderful devices so far. All the labs also help complement my experiences.

All in all, I am confident that with all experiences I have had here at the University of Minnesota so far, I'm on track toward my goal slowly, yet firmly.