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Any hi-tech application in the teaching process?

Are you wondering whether or not you will be able to see cool stuff, or maybe be part of something cool?!? Depending on your major, there maybe some opportunities you should absolutely not miss!

For undergraduates engineers in general (Biomedical Engineers, Electrical Engineers, Mechanical Engineers, etc…), there is a senior design class they have to take their senior years (year of their graduation). The class is usually during both the fall and the spring semester. Students are paired with other students, usually six, to work on a project related to their major. The project usually inquires the students to build a device based on all the knowledge they have acquired in their major core classes and their electives. Their final design is to be presented during a senior design show during the last week of the spring semester in May.

Biomedical Engineers are usually able to attend the Design of Medical Devices (DMD) conference, a gathering of faculty members from various universities or companies in the health field. Students have the opportunities to participate in various sessions: Live surgery, surgical simulators, sessions on cardiovascular engineering, tissue engineering or neuroengineering, surgical devices or other medical devices.

From times to time, there might also be session on-campus related to your major, and as Misa mentioned in her post, it’s always a good idea to check the Events website if you are interested in such sessions.