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Basketball NBA

Last Wednesday, I went to a basketball NBA game!! It was at the Target Center in downtown Minneapolis, just 10 minutes from the campus (by bus). The game was the last game of the season and it was between Minnesota Timberwolves and Sacramento Kings.

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A week before the game, I read Minnesota Daily, university official daily newspaper, and found out about an interesting deal. For NBA basketball game at the Target Center, there is a special offer called "College Night." Every time that Minnesota Timberwolves play at Target Center on Wednesday, college students can purchase a ticket for only 5 dollars!!! I found out about this wonderful deal, so I decided to go to this last game of the season.

Normally, the college night ticket is for an upper-leveled seat, which is quite far away from the court. However, since this was the last home game of the season, there was a special offer for fist 100 students going to the game. The first 100 students would be upgraded to the lower-leveled seat with a free towel and a poster! This game started at 7.00pm; however, the door opened from 5.30pm. Therefore, my friend and I hadn't planed to rush ourselves for the upgrade. We left our hall at 6.15 pm, took the route 16 bus, and arrived there at roughly 6.45pm. Luckily, we still managed to be the first 100!! Therefore, we got a very good seat, a towel, and a poster for only 5 dollars!!!

We walked into the arena. There were many restaurants in the arena selling all kinds of food: hot dogs, nacho, fried chicken, ice cream, etc. We didn't buy anything since it was nearly 7 and the game was about to start. We went to our seat, which was located behind the hoop. The arena was big and very beautiful. The players, as I had expected, were huge. The game started. The atmosphere was great, but not as great as I had expected since Minnesota Timberwolves hadn't played well this season. However, the game was fun to watch. There were always "Whoooh", "Whahhhh", whenever Timberwolves scored. Whenever Mike Miller, one of the Timberwolves's best player that night, scored the three points, the crowd jumped around their seats. The part I really liked was when the Kings got a free throw. On the screen in the middle of the arena, there would be a Howl-o-meter to measure the loudness of noise the crowd could make (they did so because they wanted this loud noise from the crowd to distract the opponent player who was taking the free throw).

At half time, I walked around the arena and decided to try an ice cream cone. It was huge!! It was pretty good as well. I spent nearly an entire quarter to finish it!!!

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The second half was as fun as the first. Before the end of the game, the also gave off some t-shirts. They used a very big rubber stick to shoot t-shirts up to the fan. Unfortunately, I didn't get one. The game ended at around 9.30 and we took a bus back at around 10 o'clock. Good experience overall!!


What a great story Thee! I couldn't stop reading it.

$5 is an amazing price!!!