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Ever heard of the Minnesota State Fair?

Or ever heard of such thing as a state fair at all!?!? The Minnesota state Fair is one of the biggest gatherings in Minnesota during the summer. The main attraction of the fair is all the varieties of food, livestock and art that are presented. There are other activities such as concerts, science fair or marathon. It usually takes place in Saint Paul on the Fairgrounds near the Saint Paul Campus of the University of Minnesota and lasts twelve days, from late August to Labor Day (first Monday of September).

From what I have experienced, it is a very very big event in the State and Saint Paul. Having a taste of on-site made, hot food representing the work of Minnesota farmers is something many find entertaining; and to make it easier on the fairgoers to try the cuisine, the food is presented on a stick: it’s easier to carry around and it reduces the waste.

Besides the food, the fair is also a good opportunity to see various farm animals such as goats, cows, horses or poultry. Concerts are usually going on to keep visitors entertained and some local TV stations such as Kare 11 (NBC – National Broadcasting Company), 5 Eyewitness News (ABC – American Broadcasting Company), have a stand on the Fairgrounds to keep up with what is going on. The journalists would interview the fairgoers sometimes or give reviews of food they have tried.

There is an admission fee to participate to the Fair and you would also have to pay for the food. For students living on the St Paul campus, the fairgrounds are at a walking distance, but you can also catch the bus 3 to go there. Students living on the Minneapolis campus can catch the campus connector or the bus 3 in Minneapolis.

So if you get the chance to attend to state fair, before the fall semester starts, you should! Depending on when you arrive in Minnesota, you could have enough free time between the various orientations you have to attend. It’s usually very busy on week-ends, so weekdays might be preferable to have a better experience :).