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Health & Dental Insurance In America

University Health Insurance
When you come to study at the university of Minnesota, you’re required to purchase a health insurance from the university. The university insurance covers 80 % out of your medical expanse. The biggest reason why you need to purchase the university insurance is that an insurance company in your country might not cover whole medical expense here. It’s because medical cost in America can be quite different and extremely expensive compared to many other countries.

Dental Insurance
By the way, university health insurance does not include dental insurance. So, dental expense is not under insurance. Medical treatment, especially dental, is quite expensive and you have to wait for a long while. However, at the university of Minnesota, there’s a school of dentistry where dental students treat patients for educational purpose. So, you can make an appointment quickly and get discounted price for your dental treatment.
Here’s the website: http://www.dentistry.umn.edu/patients/home.html

If you want to have a private dental insurance in Minnesota, you can find information from this website below.
Delta Dental Insurance: www.deltadental.com

Other Things to Remember:
* Ambulance & Emergency Room are also covered 80% by the university insurance.

* A prescription medicine is covered 80% from the pharmacy in Boynton Health Center which is a university hospital for international students.

* When you visit doctors, please write down your questions and bring them with you. That would be the best way to explain your conditions and communicate with doctors.


I think you should include some sort of dental insurance. Thanks.

Utilizing students at the school of dentistry can certainly be a money-saver. However, it's important to remember that these fine young men and women are not yet professionals in the field of dentistry.

For that reason it's worth looking into individual dental insurance(though expensive) or discount dental plan cards(quite affordable - significant immediate savings).

In any event, know that you have options, just do your homework - but don't go without some form of dental benefits.

I will have to second that. There are lots of money saver options with dental care/medical plans and are worth looking into for a student's well-being.

Thank you so much for all of the inputs.

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