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SMART Learning Commons

There are many resources at the University of Minnesota that can help you succeed. The one that I would like to recommend here is an academic assistance service called the SMART Learning Commons.


The SMART Learning Commons is a program with the goal to help students succeed academically through out their college careers. The program supports students in various ways including writing supports, learning supports, and technology supports. One feature of this program is the learning supports. The program provides students with a one-on-one tutor on each subject. Students can go to Walter Library, Wilson Library, or Magrath Library to get help. There is a section in each library that designates "SMART Learning Commons". There will be some consultants ready to help students during the service time. Moreover, in each residence hall, there is a "SMART Learning Commons" room as well, so students living in university's residence hall can easily get help in their own hall. Apart from that, on SMART Learning Commons website, students can make an appointment with a Peer Learning Consultant, who is expert in each field of study.

Another feature of this program is the Peer-Assisted Learning. This is a group of students that study together with the support from undergraduate students who have done well in the courses. The group meets regularly in a small discussion session that helps facilitate and enhance understandings of the subjects. If you are interested, check on the website to see the details.

Apart from academic supports, the SMART Learning Commons also provide students with technological supports. Students can come to the SMART Learning Commons room in the libraries mentioned earlier to ask for helps regarding computer programs, a presentation, or other media. Students can come and check out a video camera to do their project, or reserve the Media Viewing room to present their project. Furthermore, the SMART Learning Commons also possesses the test bank. The program gets some previous tests of each class with the permission of the professor and provide them to students for free (except that they may have to pay for the printing). The program also has some Standardized Tests like GMAT, TOEFL, MCAT for students to practice.

This is a great program, so don't forget to make use of it. Check out the website: http://smart.umn.edu/index.html