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Ten Things to Do on Campus on Weekends...

Weekends are great time for students to take a rest from classes. Apart from studying, cleaning the room, and doing laundry, there are also many other things to do on campus. Let's see my list of Ten Things to Do on Campus on Weekends.

1) Go to the football game. In fall, there is a football game on campus (if out team, the Golden Gophers, plays a home game). This is a very fun event to go and a good place to feel the pride of the university. People will sing school's songs and shout all game. Our mascot, Goldy, will be there. Also, this fall, we will start using our new stadium, the TCF Bank Stadium!!! It will be exciting to watch the game there.

2) Watch movie at night. Saturday night, around 7 o'clock, Coffman Memorial Union has a free movie for students. You can check what movie will be on screen each week from the Student Unions and Activities website.

3) Go to the recreation center. There, you can play various sports or you can just work out in the gym. There are several basketball courts, volley ball courts, and badminton courts. You can also go swimming there or you can go to the Riddle Arena nearby to play tennis. Check out their website: http://www.recsports.umn.edu/

4) Take a walk around campus. The weather is usually nice in Fall semester, so enjoy it! Take a walk around the beautiful campus and take some nice pictures.

5) Go climbing at St. Paul gym. For those who enjoy adventurous sports, go to the St. Paul gym and check this out!

6) Gophers after dark. This is a weekly night event from 10.00pm at Coffman Memorial Union. There are many activities at this event. You can find out what those activities are for each week at this website: http://www.coffman.umn.edu/afterdark/

7) Participate in intramural sports. Form a team with your friends and compete with others people on campus! There are various sports that you can compete: soccer, Frisbee, flag football, tennis, etc. I joined a soccer team last semester and it was really fun. It really helped me make friends as well. For more information, check the website: http://www.recsports.umn.edu/intramurals/index.html

8) Find some friends and play Frisbee. There are many fields around campus that you can enjoy playing Frisbee as well as other sports like soccer. Enjoy the nice weather in fall when you have chance!

9) Take some snacks, find a big TV, and watch NFL football games. Professional football usually plays on Sunday. After mid-season, there are games all day from 11.00am to 8.00pm, so find some friends and enjoy American games! Also, if you like basketball, hockey or baseball, there are usually some games on Saturday and Sunday as well. Minnesota has a franchise in each of these sports: Minnesota Vikings for football, Minnesota Timberwolves for basketball, Minnesota Twins for baseball, and Minnesota Wild for hockey.

10) Finally, go to special events on campus. Sometimes, there are special events on weekends like a concert, a comedy show, or a film festival. Check advertisements around campus or website: http://www.sua.umn.edu/ to find out what is going on!

Enjoy your weekends!!!


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