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May 22, 2009

Farewell For the Summer

This is my last blog before the summer. Thank you very much for reading my and our blogs throughout the semester. It has been a long semester and a long year, but believe me, time can fly when you are happy. The first semester was quite challenging for me. I had to deal with many things. The second was a lot better, and I would say that I really enjoyed it.

For those who are coming to the University of Minnesota next semester, I would like to congratulate you. You have got a great opportunity to be here. However, please keep in mind that life is not perfect sometimes. You may encounter a lot of problem throughout your first year here. Do not give up. Find some helps. There are a lot of people who can help you here. You might feel really confident now before you come, but anything can happen. Be ready for the changes that you are about to face. First year is always tough, but enjoy it because it can happen only once.

Good luck with your summer wherever you are. We will meet again next semester.

May 21, 2009

The past is but a prologue

I am back here in China, writing the farewell blog of this semester.
I haven’t got a chance to deal with the jet lag because I have been with the Carlson team here in Shanghai as a host/volunteer.
I know that the weather is super nice in Minneapolis right now because summer is already there.
I feel that I start to miss Minnesota.
I miss the celebration day of our Ambassador Program, as well as each ambassador (you are super cool)
I miss the school life after reading Gabriela’s farewell blog.

I have to make the most out of the summer time in my hometown, enjoy the family time as well as the wild parties with friends, otherwise, there would be tons of stuff to miss in the future.

I look forward to meeting you ALL as new students in the U.
I hope everything goes well for you to get prepared coming to the U.
I want to thank ALL friends who have been reading our blogs.

I got a chance to keep sharing my experience and helping new students, I would definitely go for it.

I leave you with this quote by Mary Anne Radmacher and I think she captures all of what I was trying to say to you.

"Live with intention. Walk to the edge. Listen hard. Practice wellness. Play with abandon. Laugh. Choose with no regret. Appreciate your friends. Continue to learn. Do what you love. Live as if this is all there is."

May 20, 2009


It comes the time to say goodbye. Thank you for reading my postings, writing comments, and sending me your questions by email that I was always more than happy to reply. I truly hope this information will be (sooner than what you think) useful. When you enter into a new environment such as the University of Minnesota, you definitely learn new things to daily operate.

My last advice to you is to enjoy learning (if such thing is possible hehe) while you are at the U, and to make the most out of it. Now that I have graduated, I feel like I already miss it (what a dork! you may think..., but hey,it’s true). Learning is always fun if you like what you do, even with all the long days/nights reading until late AMs. When the day to graduate comes, the feeling is overwhelmingly unforgettable…so much happiness!

Good luck! You will all do awesome! See you all down the road :)


May 11, 2009


Sometime back, my friend had trouble with his muscles in the back. It happened all of a sudden when he was crossing the road and he couldn't even move. With much difficulty he crossed the road to reach the sidewalk and called me on my phone. I reached to the location where he was lying not knowing what to do. After much hesitation, I called 911 as we were not sure how serious should an issue be to call 911.

For those of you who are not aware of 911, its an Emergency number in the USA. When you call 911, cops attend your call and do the needful. Since its the matter with cops, one has to be careful in calling them. Here is an interesting list of when and when not to call 911. When I called 911, a female cop attended my call and asked me all the questions starting with who/what/where/how/when (who are you, what happened, where are you now, when and how did it happen). Within a few minutes a cop came in his car with sirens on and asked the same who/what/where/how/when questions. A few minutes later Ambulance with sirens on and loaded with paramedics reached the scene. After preliminary examination, he was taken to the Fairview University Medical Center and everything was taken care of.

Its important to have insurance. Heesung in his earlier post discussed the importance of Insurance in USA. Though the Cops didn't charge anything for the service, the ambulance service cost my friend a bit. But with the University Student Insurance, 80% of it was taken care of and he had to pay only 20% of it. Its the same with hospital bill as well, he had to pay only 20% of it. The lesson here is: Do not hesitate to call 911 if you think you are in an Emergency, but you should know when exactly to call them. :)

May 1, 2009

How to Get Help From Boynton Health Service

During your college career, there might be some time that you feel that you need to see a doctor. If so, one of the best place to go is Boynton Health Service. Boynton Health Service is a clinic that has served university community for over 90 years. It is located right next to Coffman Memorial Union. I just got help there the other day, so I would like to share my story so that you would know what you have to do if you need help.

The easiest way to get immediate help is to go to the Gopher Quick Clinic. It is a program of Boynton Health Service that allow walk-in patient to see a doctor. There are two locations of Gopher Quick Clinic that you can go. One is on the first floor of Coffman Memorial Union near the Jumba Juice. Another one is in Boynton Health Service building. I went to the one in Boynton Health Service. When I was there, there was a line for check-in. I went to check in. Only thing I needed was my U-card and they asked some questions about my personal information. Then, I just sat and waited. Just ten to fifteen minutes later, a nurse came and called my name. I went into the room and told my symptoms. If I had needed an emergency treatment, I would have seen a doctor right after the talk. However, my case wasn't an emergency one, so the nurse made and appointment for me. Normally, an appointment would be one or two hours after the first meeting, but I chose to went there again two days after that. So I got my appointment and came back. Nevertheless, before I left, I got some tips from the nurse that could help relieve my symptoms before I would see the doctor.

Two days later, I went there again. I checked in and waited. A couple minutes later, the doctor came. We talked and I got the instruction that would heal my wound as well as my prescription. However, the prescription was not in the paper form. The doctor sent the prescription directly to the pharmacy in Boynton Health service for me. What I needed to do after that was to go to the pharmacy store located near the Gopher Quick Clinic in Boynton Health Service. I went to the counter and just told them my name. I waited for a while for my medicine, and that's it. I got my medicine, and I got my treatment conveniently.

If you would like to learn more about Boynton Health Service, check on their web site: http://www.bhs.umn.edu/
The service hours can be found on the website as well.

By the way, I have a bad news for my blog fan (if there is at all). This is my last blog of the semester. There will be no new entry over the summer T_T. So, have a nice and warm summer, and I'll be back again in fall. :)